A transfer may be defined as that act which is undertaken once a professional soccer player reallocates from one club to another. It normally occurs upon the expiry of the contract of the player. The outcome of the transfer process is that the player becomes a new player of the club that initiated his transfer. In most cases, this club must pay a certain amount of money in order for the transfer to take place. This sum of money is meant to compensate the rights of the player who is being transferred.  On the other hand, a transfer window may be defined as that period of time in which football players may possibly be moved from one professional football club to another. This timeframe is normally fixed by the world soccer governing body (FIFA). The player ought to bargain for a new contact with the officials or the club manager of his new club.  

An Example of a Successful Transfer

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was born on Fifth (5th) February in the year Nineteen hundred and eighty five (1985) in Madeira, Portugal. Currently, he resides in Madrid, Spain and plays for Real Madrid. He is aged twenty five (25). He is arguably the world's most expensive player. Ronaldo relocated from Manchester United football club which is based in the City of Manchester, England to Real Madrid which is located in Madrid, Spain at a record fee of Eighty million Sterling pounds (£80, 000, 000) in the year Two thousand and nine (2009). His contract with Real Madrid shall expire in the year 2015. Under this contact, Ronald shall earn a total of sixty six million Sterling pounds (£66, 000, 000). This means that his yearly earnings shall be equal to eleven million Sterling pounds (£11, 000, 000).

Initially, he played for Andorinha football club. Subsequently, he joined Nacional football club. Both clubs are based in Portugal. At age 12, he was signed by Sporting CP football club. He played for the club for a period of six years. In the year Two thousand and three (2003), a match between Ronaldo's club (Sporting CP) and Manchester United was held in Portugal. It was intended to pioneer the newly constructed José Alvalade Stadium. Specifically, this stadium was constructed so as to host a number of Euro Two thousand and four (2004) games. In that game, he exhibited exemplary football skills. This prompted Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson to sign him. Sporting CP was paid a sum of Sterling pounds Twelve point two four million (£12, 240, 000) by Manchester United as a compensation.

In Euro 2004 tournament, he assisted Portugal to reach the final of the competition. Portugal finished the competition as runners-up after losing to Greece. As much as the Champions League competition is concerned, he assisted his club (Manchester United) to lift the trophy in the year Two thousand and eight (2008). Manchester United won the trophy after trouncing Chelsea in a penalty shoot-out in a final that was held in Moscow, Russia. As a result, he was voted as the best player of the tournament. Furthermore, in that year, he was voted as the best player in the world.

An Example of an Unsuccessful Transfer 

Mark Schwarzer is the current goalkeeper of Fulham United which is based in England. He is thirty eight (38) years old. He is an Australian by nationality. He served as the goalkeeper number one of Australia national soccer team in the last two editions of the World Cup that were held in Germany and South Africa respectively. In the year Nineteen hundred and ninety one (1991), he joined Marconi football club. He has played for many professional clubs which are based in either Germany or England. Particularly, he moved to Middlesbrough Football Club in the year Nineteen hundred and ninety seven (1997). He played for the club for a period of 11 years until the year two thousand and eight (2008). However, he opted not to renew his contract with Middlesbrough and opted for a new contract with his current club, Fulham.

During the previous transfer window, Mark had the intentions of relocating from his current club to Arsenal Football club. Both clubs are based in London, England

At that time, Mark Hughes was appointed as the manager of Fulham. He had formerly served as the manager of Manchester City Football. Hughes thwarted Schwarzers' aspirations of joining Arsenal. This is because the reserve goalkeeper for the club had an injury. There was no any other goalkeeper to substitute him. The transfer fee from Fulham to Arsenal for the goalkeeper was estimated to be Three million Sterling pounds (£3, 000, 000).

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I had an opportunity of watching an English Premier League match between Arsenal and Chelsea football clubs. I was particularly impressed by the playing styles of Didier Drogba. He has the capability of overpowering players from the opposing team. Additionally, he can utilize his power in order to overcome the defenders of the opposing team. Drogba is extremely moody. He exhibited excellent running speeds and he is also good at shooting and scoring goals. He is capable of scoring goals using his head and at tight angles. Moreover, he is capable of controlling the ball using his body parts and playing for a longer period of time without being substituted.

Other players of Chelsea Football club that really impressed me were defenders Ashley Cole, John Terry, Alex and Branislav Ivanovic. These defenders possess outstanding cognitive-perceptual skills. They could interrupt the ball effectively from Arsenal strikers. Furthermore, they possess outstanding technical attributes. In particular, John Terry and Branislav Ivanovic controlled the ball whilst in unpredictable situations. On the other hand, Alex and Ashley Cole commanded the ball with velocity. The work rate of the four defenders was extremely outstanding since they played for 93 minutes and covered remarkable distances. All the defenders were capable of heading the ball away from the danger zone. Another physical attribute that the defenders exhibited was the ability to win the ball from Arsenal players. As a result, Arsenal didn't succeed in scoring goal(s).

The midfielders of Chelsea that is Ramires, Michael Essien, John Obi Mikel and Florent Malouda were extremely terrific. They exhibited outstanding running speeds. Another attribute that I analyzed regarding the midfielders was the cognitive-perceptual skills. They could interrupt and eventually win the ball effectively from Arsenal players. Ramires and Michael Essien have the capability of shooting and scoring goals even from a tight angle. On the other hand, Florent Malouda, John Obi Mikel and Michael Essien possess excellent tackling and marking skills. The work rate of Ramires, John Obi Mikel and Florent Malouda is outstanding. However, Michael Essien work rate is quite low. Goalkeeper Petr Cech and Nicolas Anelka exhibited a desire to be successful. On the other hand, Petr Cech didn't concede any goal. Goals from Alex and Drogba gave Chelsea a deserved win.

Evaluation of Chino Hills Football Club

I also had a chance of watching a live football match that featured Chino Hills and Sacramento Football Clubs. The players for Chino Club who featured in that match included Benedetti Michael, Borgogno Brett, Flowers Emmanuel, Invencion Donovan, Mires Joseph and Macdonald Michael. Others included Johnson William, Oboza Jacob, O'Donnell Sean, Newman, Christopher and Orosco Andrew.

My evaluation criterions comprised of a number of a number of attributes. These attributes included first of all the technical attributes. The technical attributers that I considered comprised of passing and receiving skills. Others included dribbling, tackling and ball control. Another kind of technical attribute is defensive skills. These skills consist of quickness and ball winning.  Tackling capability, dedication and assertiveness are also other kinds of defensive skills that I considered.

The second attribute is physical attributes. They include speed, endurance and flexibility. Others include strength and agility. The third attribute is tactical skills. These skills are classified into decision making and communication. Others include use of space, field awareness and transitioning ability. The fourth attribute is the character. As much as this attribute is concerned, I considered attention to instructions and motivation. I also considered sportsmanship. The last attribute is work rate. My rating scale was as follows: first of all, an attribute that I rated Excellent attracted 5 points. Second, an attributed that I rated Good attracted 4 points. Third, an average attribute attracted 3 points. Lastly, a poor attributed attracted 1 point. The evaluation of individual player is as shown in Table 1 (See appendix I).

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