Communication is the most phenomenal factor in the live of human beings and this has been greatly advanced by the existence of global language. This is language that is used beyond the borders of a single country and this has created understandings among the countries. A global language is sometimes known as 'lingua franca' and includes French, English, Latin, and German among others. Having such a language is sometimes beneficial and may also be detrimental to those who are using it (Crystal 2003, pp 121).  This discussion will explore the instances where English as a global language is overridden by disadvantages. It is important to note that most of people use English as their second language besides their native language.

There are some of advantages that exist for people using English as their first language. One of them is that it facilitates the exchange of information from one part of the world the other with ease. It is through the existence of a global language like English that peace and trade has been enhanced between dissimilar countries (Burns & Coffin, 2001 pp 2).  It has also facilitated the mobility of people both in their physical terms and also electronically. Sufficient statistics indicate that most trade is done electronically and this is greatly facilitated by English as a global language. This has additionally made the world to be known as a global village due to the enhancement of the linguistic mixing of people (Mollin 2006 pp14). 

English is also advantageous because it has contributed to the development and increase in the number of international organizations like UNESCO and WHO among others. This is greatly felt because little or no funds are used to translate information between the nations that do not understand themselves. Despite the merits however, English has its own shortcomings that are seen to overshadow the advantages (Fennell, 2001 pp 259). On of them is the fact that it has led to the extinction of minor languages within a particular country. Many languages have died due to the extensive use of English by citizens and also emergence of another jargon language that is only understood by a certain clique of people. This is seen to create more confusion than understanding that a global language should be.

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People whouse English as their mother-tongue language have an advantage over the other group of people since they easily develop the ability to manipulate the language (Mollin 2006 pp14).  This will however be disadvantageous to the other speakers who have English as their second language and will have many problems and waste most of their time trying to master the language. Dominance of English as a language also creates the notion in the minds of many people that their native language is not important and unnecessary. This will create a room of discrimination of the minor groups in the society and further enhance it because language in most cases is used as an identity. This may make the threatened individuals to abandon their language thus enhancing extinction (Crystal 2003, pp 121). 

It is through a global language that a lot of linguistic complacencies that makes people especially adults to learn the language without critically ensuring that they follow the grammar and other components of language. This is mostly enhanced by tourists who may assume that everyone in the nations they are visiting must know the language. It is also important to note that most global languages like English are related to historical evils like colonialism and war. This is taken to be a threat to its growth in the future (Burns & Coffin, 2001 pp 2).  A native language like English also is disadvantageous because it has limited words to expressing feelings and emotions unlike a mother-tongue language that mostly has a bank of vocabulary. This affects those who use English as their second language. A global language has numerous advantages and disadvantages but it's important for the concerned nations to ensure that its growth does not obstruct the use other native languages (Fennell, 2001 pp 259).

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