A Process Analysis on how to choose a Major

In college, choosing a major is a representation of a life long decision which according to research it has been identified, most frequently as life regret for many students especially in America. This process calls for far-reaching decision-making through a period of time, particularly when resources and commitment of time are considered. Consequently, students have to be very careful when it comes to choosing a major through making use of a good process that will enable them follow their interests and discover what it is that they love and enjoy doing. There are two different aspects in deciding a major, namely: practical and personal aspects (eHow Contributor, 2010).

The first practical aspect to come up with an appropriate major is considering the courses that one has performed well previously and decide the kind of major the combination can give. Secondly the student has to investigate the professors' and courses' quality (eHow Contributor, 2010). This could be done by finding out form their academic advisor the well-regarded departments in particular fields or asking students doing the same courses to share their experiences with you. The third practical aspect is going for internships in the same field to have a first hand experience on the types of jobs they could have using different majors.

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The fourth aspect is considering the necessities for any possible majors. This will allow students to find out if they are able meet the number of years for the course or money and other necessary resources. The next step will be looking at various fields that their majors can be applied and the best majors are those that give flexibility when it comes to jobs. The sixth factor is looking at the growth of the field that has captured the student's interests to establish whether it is expanding, if graduates get employed directly from college among other factors. The last practical aspect students have to consider is the wages potential and base remuneration of jobs in line with certain majors. They hence have to their intended lifestyles and the impact of certain salaries on it.

According to eHow Contributor (2010), the personal aspects are in line with what one enjoys doing. Therefore the students has to first of all establish what they love doing. Secondly, students have to ask themselves whether they have all it takes to achieve in the majors of their choice. Thirdly one has to reflect whether they would be happier with a job they love but with a small pay or working where they can tolerate with considerable pay. They consequently have to accordingly choose their career course.

To sum up the whole discussion, students have to be flexible while deciding on the type of major they want to pursue. This will give them an ability to change it if they are happy with it. Most importantly, it should be noted that this is a personal choice and students have to follow their hearts as opposed to doing it due to pressure.

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