Rhetorical thinking has three elements, that is, the speaker, audience and the purpose. The speaker is the central point of the three. He analysis the audience on whether they understand the topic, what they expect, prejudice they might have about the topic, what they need to know and their interests. The presenter should have an idea of how he want to appear to his audience, show a high credibility of the topic and create a bond between the audience by using a common interest factor. The speaker should also know whether he wants to persuade inform or express his feeling to the audience.

On the video public speaking tips for kids-speech structure the speaker is effective since he understand what his audience needs. He is also able to use examples helping them understand. Also in the video the public speaking tips for kids-eye contact while speaking, the speaker seems to have a good credibility of the topic and he is very comfortable and confident. The speakers create an environment such that the audience can only listen to them.

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The purpose or the situation is effective in that in both videos the speakers seem comfortable with the environment and the topic. There is a clear bond that brings the speakers and the audience together.

The audiences on the other hand are effective on both videos because they are attentive during the session. They seem to understand the speakers and are contented on reference of what they expected. They also give the speakers their time

On the public speaking tips for kids-speech structure Video all the three elements are well connected but on the other video the purpose of the presentation is not clearly shown. The environment though the same you can now hear birds singing and this disrupts the audience (1).

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