Two Treatises on Government. Book II, Chapter 9: Of the Ends of Political Society and Government. John Locke

The first text explains why people who are free from their birth and their freedoms are given by the nature; refuse from a part of their freedoms and rights. The main reason of it is their desire to form a body which is aimed to protect them and their property.

The information in the first source describes what rights are given to an individual, how people live in the society. Unfortunately, the text cannot be considered as a full one. The author doesn’t pay attention to the obligations that people have. This point is very important as if someone has a right to have a property, consequently, such person has an obligation to use it in a save manner and according to the certain purposes.

Moreover, the text doesn’t provide the information about the punishment for the default. If the people give a part of their rights and freedoms to a state, it means that they what to be protected by that particular state. Nevertheless, it remains unknown how and on what background the representatives of the authorities can be punished.

Thirdly, the information about the opportunity to change the authorities is absent. We are the witnesses of today’s processes when the people protest against the authorities, and their action. They want to change the power. What people can do? Who can make the decision of changing the authorities? These questions are to be answered by the author.

In addition, the most important thing which ought to be underlined is that the rights of one person ends where the rights of another person starts. It relates to individual rights of the person and to the right which a person has according to the owned property. According this statement, the government should find out the measures of right given to every person. Unfortunately, this information wasn’t given, although it is crucial.

As for the persuasiveness of the text, it can be considered as a credible one and I will explain why. Despite the disadvantages of the information, the text gives an explanation of the process of unification. The answer to the important question: why the states and commonwealths appeared is given in the text. The answer is as follows: the people want to protect their property. That is a reason why they decided to form an institution which main aim would be to protect.

The structure of this work is well organized. Introduction is the first part of the text, however, it is difficult to notice it as it gently rolls into the main part of the text. Yet, it cannot be considered as a disadvantage as all main ideas of the author are clear. As for the main part, the author firstly gives the thesis and only then gives the evidences in order to prove it. Due to such kind of structure, the text is easier perceived by a reader. 

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Generally speaking, the text of the first article is easy to read and understand, it provides the ideas which everyone comprehends but nobody wants to recognize because they do not want to say that their rights are limited by his or her own decision to live in the society.

John Locke’s Call for Dissolution of Bad Government, Through Strictly Lawful Means: An Intro Analysis.

Comparing two texts, it can be noticed that the information given in the second one is more complete. It provides not only the analysis of the John Locke’s treatises, but also the material about additional processes. Firstly, it gives the information about the governmental function. Having read this interesting article, person finally understands why we have to give a part of our rights to the government.

Secondly, the author speaks a lot about the opportunities for the people to stand in rebellion against a government. At the beginning, the author notes the fact that the authorities can act against the interests of the people and then he describes the opportunities to act against the government, to change it and to choose other representatives.

I would like to point out another fact: some information in the text can be considered as contradictory. For instance, if the government acts against the will of the people – such actions are illegal. However, sometimes the actions can be contrary to the interest of some people but will have an invaluable contribution to the life of the most.

People and their will and security are the most important things. This undeniable fact is currently became a part of constitutions of every democratic state. That is why I totally agree with the ideas that if the actions of the government are counter to the will or interests of the people, then they also opposite to the law, so such actions are bound.

The author is persuasive than the author in the previous case. The writer examines the same issues that the John Locke did, but this analysis is performed from different angles, taking into account special features of different sectors. He also considers the possible development of different situations. Those facts have a great influence on a reader and help him to achieve confidence that the author knows..

The issues are discussed in a correct sequence. The author not only says what ideas John Locke has, but also explains them and gives his own point of view based on the Locke’s ideas. It would be wisely to make something like a conclusion which is absent in the article..

Finally, it is worse mentioning that this article is better than the previous one. Second article provides us with the same information but the language that author use is easier to understand and more accessible to the average citizen. In addition, as it was mentioned above, the author examines many other issues which haven’t been discussed in the first article. I totally agree with the author that Locke’s arguments on different issues show many faults. That is why, I think, these issues, mentioned in the articles, are to be discussed later.

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