The main issue which the video covers was the invention of the radio. It made the music much more popular all over the world as, moreover, poor people got an opportunity to listen to the different types of music. Before the invention of the radio the only opportunity for these people was to define certain free time to listen to the music or to sing. In addition, people were able to listen to the music of different types which laid the way for R&B and blues to make an influence on the whole America.

The next thing which was spoken about is R&B style of music. According to video, this style was a dance music used in African American community. The next thing to speak about is the differences between shouter, criers and Honkers. “Shouter” means the image one who came out of the riff- bass big band tradition with energy. “Crier” is an image of the person who overcame situation by emotions. As for the ‘Honker’, it represents a performer whose playing is with screaming.

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Another issue represented in the video is a cross-over between the White music and the Black music. The example is given, Ray Charles composed a song called “I Can’t Stop Loving You” played in Country Soul, and it also contains the elements both of White music and Black one. This mixture was firstly used by Fat Donald.

The next thing to speak about is B.B. King who is considered as a best Blues player ever. Moreover, playing a guitar he used bends, vibrato and jazzy runs as T-Bone Walker did before. As a result, he influenced each Blues artist and rock guitarist, i.e. he influenced such bands as Buddy Guy, Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield, the Butterfield Blues Band Bonnie Raitt, Robert Cray, etc.

The conclusions are following: the invention of radio influenced a music popularization and opened music and artists to a huge amount of people in the world. As for the R&B style, it divided in three styles based on the type of singing: shouter, crier, and honker. Another thing to be mentioned is that the first Black singer who gained a white audience was Fat Donald. Talking about a B.B. King, his influence on the future of music can’t be measured at all.

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