While growing up in New York City, basketball is one of the most famous sports in this community.  Kids from all over the neighborhood would gather up at the upper East Park. We would all stand there and pick the two most controversial teams in the NBA and play with their names.

Basketball has always been one of America's exiting sports. Basketball is a sport that not only provided thrilling excitement, true team spirit but full satisfaction. Not to mention knowing the motivation basketball players gave you when making the high basket 7 to 8 feet high. This sport has been of great impact to me as it has enabled me to know more of the sport I cherish playing. I was playing for my school throughout junior and high school.  My high school matches are so memorable to me because I enjoyed them to the fullest. I was just so crazy to know how much power and energy a simple guy like me could get, in one small gym court. The thought of it always drives me crazy.

The speech of the coach was full of energy and it made all players more energetic as well as it made me crazy and excited to play the game in more aggressive manner compared to opposing team for the purpose to win with flying colors. I was feeling more energetic and trying to relax from all personal worries and issues of daily life. The purpose would be to concentrate on the game and play it with absolute focus.  Most of the audiences of this basketball match were becoming crazy to watch the exiting game, as well as me.

It is very essential in the basketball to co-ordinate in an effective and efficient manner. Therefore, after the coach speech, we all spent a few minutes to make some strategies in our minds individually. All of us the young boys came up with the best strategies on how to take the game notch higher and who is charged with the responsibility of taking the big game. Outside the locker room, we could hear the crowd roaring "let's go, let's go tigers!" that made all of us and the audience go crazy with excitement.

We were all crazy and anxious to win the game. The spectators' applause for the New York Tiger basketball team almost made me crazy to show the sticking and exciting game to all them. The entire New York tiger team members were feeling crazy to win and pumped up to play the best game of their life. We all looked at each other and declared it's time to begin. The first touch of the orange leather ball is exiting, the bumps stimulating to the touch.

It buzzes again then the whistle of the referee blows. The next half has started and it goes by just as fast as the first half; and then a roar of excitement goes over us as we got the tying basket. "Time out!" Yells the coach of the opposing team as he runs to the bench, we sit and try to listen to see how we will play in the last 45 seconds. We are so close to each other that you can practically hear the heart beats thundering in the other guys' hearts. Coach's lips are moving and there is a small breeze from his hand moving so fast showing us where we have to position. All anyone is thinking is that we should score.

The smell of the popcorn is appetizing but we are too anxious to get this done rather than to think of food. We all taste the salty sweat and the sweet taste of wanting a victory. "Ten, nine, eight, seven..." We strip the ball from the other team at half court. The only thing left to do is to watch our wide open rookie score a jump shot to win. "Six, five, four, three, two, one, buzz." In order to get where you have never been, you have to do things you would have never done. I know everyone on the team that night pressed harder then they ever have, maybe for themselves, but mostly for the rest of us. We did it for each other. We won.

Don't wait until tomorrow!

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Basketball is the best sport to me and in my neighborhood as I have learnt a lot both with the sport and the social life. The sport itself has been the source of my motivation and strength in the sporting field. New York also is one of the best and the most challenging environment to train for basketball. Most of my friends are all fans of the spot hence; this makes it easy for me to mingle with them accordingly. There have been positive activities which I have done in my life which are as a result of the activity. Personally I have achieved satisfaction in life as the sport has been the only thing that I do when I am free. There are a lot of temptations in the environment to be involved with illegal activities which in the end will ruin ones life. Hence I am so grateful for my craziness of the sport.

Most of us have actually made strong friendship bonds as a result of the sport. This is very encouraging as there have been many relationships developed. Business associates have been established as a result of the craziness of the sport. The future of the young people here is mainly based on the teamwork and the alliances which they make due to the sport. The people who have made long term and effective associations and bonds are due to the sport. This is a hint which makes me feel encouraged as a result of participation in the sport. People need to admire the sport as it's also very entertaining. Being a participant is the most encouraging part and we should be able to accept the feedback as we get physically fit besides the enjoying the game. There is fan associated with as this sport is really enjoyable. I have been a good and most accommodative player with the techniques of basketball. The new skills acquired towards problem solving and handling a group or crowd is very beneficial and this is as a result of the active participation or involvement in the sport. Being crazy with basket ball is the greatest achievement in my life and I will always be one even in my old age. NBA players have been professionals and they have been earning a living as a result of the sport hence the challenges encountered are just but steps of being developed fully to be the best in all parts of life.

We worn several matches and this would drive us crazy in front all the spectators. This was a fulfilling spirit of being at the top of other teams and we would involve our supporters in the craziness. This encouraged us the more in all that we were doing in the field even up to our homes. Our coach would be so happy and encourages us to always do the best in the field and even in other sides of our lives. This would be implemented even in our studies where we would be the best as we apply some of the tactics in the craziness of basketball manes. The basket ball also can be determined to be the root source of success amongst all of us crazy people about it. This challenges our overall behavior right to our families. This has been the best thing ever in my life and I always cherish the ideas which I have gained and develop while being the crazy basketball player. There is the benefit of being yourself which one derives from the joy and the basketball activities. Life is sweet as well to me and my other colleagues who get crazy with the basketball game just by mentioning it besides taking part of the game.

Having been this crazy with the basketball game, there is always the task of encouraging one another over the best things to be taken up seriously in life and to avoid misbehaving in all aspects of life. The craziness also enabled us to measure each others' patience, commitment, respect, team playing, and even temperament. There are some of us who when they started the game, they were used to being high tempered but with time, the craziness of the basketball made them to control it. This to a greater extend has been very satisfying and beneficial to each one of us.

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