Intel is a company that deals with silicon chips, internet and other technological things. It is the manufacturer of most of the microprocessors found in most of the computers and other gadgets of their likeness. It is the biggest of its kind in the world with more than 86,300 people employed and branches all over the world. Its headquarters is in Santa Clara, California. It has branches in Central, North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa.

It was founded by Gordon E. Moore and Robert Bob Noyce in the year 1968. They were later joined in by Bob Graham who was given the marketing manager's seat and Andy Groove who was given the operations manager's seat. However, Mr. Graham came a few months later than Mr. Groove and so he was present during the employment of most of the initial staff.

Intel is known to be one of the best American companies to work for. This means that their human resources department is good though not perfect. The human resource strategic plan has been able to support the business plan through various ways. Intel pursues the prospector strategy. It works hard to develop new products and markets. This explains why it has been able to penetrate all the continents offering computers, internet and communication products, etc.

Employee orientation and continuous training

The business ensures are given orientation training when getting into the business. This enables the employees to understand the business mission, goals, objective and strategy. It also enables the employees to understand what is expected of them, their rights, benefits and more about the company. Knowledge about the market is also given so as to know the business current status. After the orientation training, the business continues to offer training to its employees so that it is not a one time thing but a continuous process. The training enables the employees be updated on any new technology or issues that might improve or deteriorate the company's performance. The company, through the human resource, uses millions of dollars yearly just on training.

Intel gives its employees opportunities to bring out the best in them. Though it may not all be fun, it challenges and encourages the people working there to take risks by bringing forth new ideas and products that they believe will benefit the business. Encouraging the employees to think to their level best and be as much more innovative as possible has put the business on top.

At Intel, any employee, whether at the top or bottom, can freely enter any of the offices, whether it is the Chief Executive Officer's office, Paul S. Otellini, or any other office an employee may feel that he would be heard. No office has a door in this business. This further emphasizes how the business is ready to encourage interaction of colleagues so that no employee is afraid to approach another employee, no matter the rank and explain or discuss his/her idea. The business is ready to implement any idea, no matter who has come up with it, as long as it will benefit the company. This has propelled the company to penetrate new markets and also come up with new products.

The employees are encouraged to take up and set up their goals according to ones potential and best capability, take up their responsibilities, focus on the end result and do their level best to accomplish it. New graduates are rotated in management; design etc. in the first couple of months, around four. It takes around two to three years to be a senior engineer and another two to three years to be a manager (Anthony, et al., 2010).

The human resource department ensures that the employees are treated equally, no matter the rank. There is no special car parking area reserved for top managers and directors. It is a first come first served policy. That has helped the employees feel equal and work in a more conducive environment in comparison to other businesses where the higher the rank, the more comfortable the working environment. The employees share the same facilities no matter the rank e.g. canteens, recreational facilities etc. Here, the employees are able to interact and even talk about other issues apart from work. They also work in similar cubicles from the top to the bottom.

The human resource has managed to make sure that the employees are well paid although man never ceases to complain about money. The business employs interns who are also well paid. Freshmen in college are paid up to $2000 per month and experienced graduates are paid up to $5000 per month. Relocation and movement is catered for and a shared rental car is also given. This encourages many people to apply for job opportunities whether experienced or still in college. A microprocessor group manager earns about $42000- $62000. a software manager earns about $60,000- $100,000, a senior analyst gets about $60,000- $75,000 and so on.

Holidays and recreation

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The company gives paid holidays and recreation facilities. There are cafeterias, bars, gyms and other recreation facilities that the company offers in order to enable the employees take a break from the tedious working hours, relax and interact. There are also shops that cater for clothes from the young to the old. The salaried employees get three weeks every year of paid holiday and relaxation time. When an employee works for ten years, he gets a four week paid leave. Nonexempt employees have 80 hours a year of personal time. This enables the employees refresh and be able to generate more ideas and energy.

Workforce and diversity

Intel has a wide range of workforce. It recruits talent, skill and other qualities that contribute to its success. It has different active groups such African Americans, Muslims, Christians, Homosexuals, Asians, Latinos, Women etc. this is to support the different regions the business has penetrated. This has also enabled them to penetrate the market even more and create new markets. The human resource department ensures that no group feels left out or even looked down upon in providing a favorable environment to its employees and also to the customers. When a customer sees that a person he/she is associating with is an employee, they tend to feel more at 'home' and not see as if the product being offered is foreign.

The human resource department has a couple if strengths. The fact that it makes sure that the employees are well paid, including the interns is very encouraging. The workers able to work while more relaxed for most needs are well catered for. It also ensures that everybody is equal and that there are no employees looking down upon others or mistreating them. This is further shown by managers having the same cubicles as the other employees. HR has gone further and built social places so that the 

Employees can interact with their own families and among themselves

The HR department also makes sure that the relocation or movement expenses are catered for. It also ensures that everybody is equal and that there are no employees looking down upon others or mistreating them. This is further shown by managers having the same cubicles as the other employees. HR has gone further and built social places so that the employees can interact with their own families and among themselves.

Employing people who are fully qualified with the relevant papers, knowledge and skill is a top priority in Intel. The HR department ensures that all this runs smoothly.

The company has its weaknesses. As put earlier, it is not perfect. The employees work under pressure to deliver results. As much as this might be argued that it is to bring the best in them, it is not the best way to make them deliver results. Working under stress has made some employees resign from their duties thus a loss to the company. The employees have really complained about the immense pressure being put upon them in order to give the required results. the large amounts of work with managers are over demanding can slow down the productivity of the employees.

Working environment

As mentioned earlier, the employees work in cubicles almost similar to the ones in college. This might not create a very good working environment to an employee. This is like being asked to wear shorts in high school. The presence of cubicles in such a big business may create a college scenario thus the employees may feel despised. The top manager might also work in the same kind of cubicles but it doesn't make things any better.

Sometimes it may also lower their morale if a visitor came in and saw the kind of place they work in. Though the other facilities may be good, a much a larger space to work in might also be important. It also ensures that everybody is equal and that there are no employees looking down upon others or mistreating them. This is further shown by managers having the same cubicles as the other employees. HR has gone further and built social places so that the 

Employees can interact with their own families and among themselves.

The Human resource offers good salaries but they are poor at implementing the salary raise. It has been frequently been complained that they are good at making the promise but poor at implementing or fulfilling the promise. There are employees who work for even five years without any pay rise. This has led to the loss of good employees as they move to places where there is better pay. This is normally not a very difficult task as other businesses are ready to employ people from such established businesses like Intel.

The employees have also complained that it takes a much longer time to make it to the higher rank than earlier promised. The constant grading of the company's employee performance demoralizes the employees more than encouraging them. The lower 5% performers end up going home. The employees are also subjected to a lot of traveling due to the expansion of the business to more regions. This is brings a lot of inconveniences especially to those who have families even though movement and traveling expenses are catered for. It also offers equal working opportunities without fear or favor.

Intel has really established the business and name. The few weaknesses if corrected can propel the business to being a strong prospector thus creating and improving more products and penetrating the market more. It will also encourage the application of job opportunities by talented and skilled people.

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