Both CNN and AL JAZZERA provide information to people in the domestic country as well as to the international community by interviewing various activists who are aware of the situation in Syria. Most of the information that CNN and AL JAZZERA provided mostly came from the opposition activists. On the other hand, AL JAZZERA also provides information from the Syrian government.

Although both CNN and AL JAZZERA provide almost the same information about the situation in Syria, CNN relies more on the information provided by the opposition and the international community on the human rights violations by the government. It also stresses a lot on what foreign countries say on the need to introduce peace keepers in Syria. CNN does not concentrate on the likelihood that some members of the opposing sides were terrorists as the Syrian government claims, but it only criticize the Syrian government on the violation of human rights and intervention by the international community and the Arab league.

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On the other hand, AL JAZZERA provides comprehensive information from two opposing sides. It obtains information from opposition activists as well as from the reports provided by UN on the ongoing killings by Syrian government forces. On the other hand, it obtains information from the government side on how the government blame armed terrorist for the persistent war in Syria. For instance, AL JAZZERA provides information about the Syria’s permanent secretary to the UN, Bashar Al- Jaafari who claims that Syria government was under attack from the terrorists. It also provides information on Iraq’s interior minister saying that Jihadists were moving from Iraq to Syria, and helped the opposing group to attack the government.

Therefore, Al JAZZERA seems to be obtaining information about the situation in Syria from all sides involved in war, unlike CNN which only concentrate on the opposition side and foreign countries. It is also evident that AL JAZZERA has wide coverage in Syria compared to CNN, for instance, Arwa Damon who is CNN reporter, reports from the opposition’s safe house, but she does not disclose the location for safety reasons. On the other hand, AL JAZZERA even interviews Syria government officials. Therefore, to some extent AL JAZZERA provides unbiased information about the situation in Syria because it provides information from both opposing sides.

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