In this assignment paper I am required to provide a clear analysis which will involve the identification of hazards for a given construction site. I will provide different hazardous situations which are likely to arise during and after the commencement of the project in hand. The next step will involve assessing risks which may avail themselves as a result of the aforementioned hazards. In the next section of the assignment I will be expected to decide on the control measures which I will need to put in place in order to prevent or rather minimize the level of risks in the construction site. As a result of these decisions my next move will be to implement a set of control measures and finalize the assignment with a personal recommendation which will target the setting out of the implemented control measures as well as providing a review of it’s effectiveness in preventing further loss.

The probable hazards which will arise as result of the strategic location of the site involve the exposure to the overhead power lines passing along the fence of the site. With the power lines (electric energy) it is possible that employees are exposed to live wire which may electrocute them accidentally.

The fact that the site is located along the pacific highway means that the road is ever busy and this may facilitate the hazard associated with the hooting of vehicles (noise). There are also several traffic lights near the construction site and this may pose as the hazard attributed to noise pollution. There is a bus stop adjacent to the construction site. The hazard which may arise as a result of the location of the bus stop is the fact that there may be free-falling objects which may either hit both the pedestrians and the vehicles moving along the highway. Another hazardous situation may arise as a result of demolitions in this site so that bouncing dust particles impairs the visibility of both the employees and the vehicles on the highway. The employees at this site are also exposed to the experience which involves manual handling.

The risks which may arise as a result of the aforementioned hazards include likelihood of accidents in the highway since the dust particles in motion, produced as a result of the various demolitions taking place within the site, will impair visibility and thus causing the accidents.

 As a result of the demolition and construction, employees may be exposed to dust particles hence are exposed to respiratory problems. The public at large may also be affected by the dust and they too can be affected with the dust particles considering that the construction is located in between a highway and a busy street. As a result of manual handling, the risk involved is the fact that there may be the likelihood of workers who in lifting heavy load may break there backs.

 There is a likelihood that the children at the school bus stop may face the risk of being injured by the free falls of objects from the construction. Since these children are not protected by helmets, the falling objects might cause serious injuries to there head. The free fall of objects might cause damages to the vehicles passing on the highway. The fact that there is presence of traffic lights clearly indicates that the road is busy and is sometimes packed with numerous vehicles during the busy hours of the day. The adjacent street is also packed with pedestrians who face the risk of being injured by the falling objects.

  The fact that the construction site is located near the Pacific highway causes high level of noise pollution and the risks associated with this hazard are that the employees of the site, risk being impaired by the noise itself and therefore rendering the job in effective as they would be impaired in terms of hearing and may thus may be prevented from alert signs. The end result of this happening is the occurrence of accidents which may be fatal altogether.

The resultant presence of power lines which are located along the construction site may be detrimental to the safety of the workers. There is a likelihood that the employees risk being electrocuted in cases of short circuits or when employees at work accidentally falls on the live wires, the effect of which may turn out to be fatal and may cause great losses altogether.

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The control measures to be put in place in order to prevent or rather minimize the level of risks include making sure that all employees at the site are protected from dust particles , splashing materials and molten metals by wearing eye protectors. In cases of complexity in the matter, the construction superintendent will have to administer prescriptions so that affected employees are issued with prescription lenses. In order to prevent the working employees from the falling objects, protective helmets should be provided to each and every of them. I will also decide on providing the occupational protective clothing to prevent employees from excessive heat and substances which could enter there bodies through the respiratory systems. These substances may be in form of dust particles or smokes which are exhumed from vehicles passing through the highway. In order to prevent injuries to the feet of the employees, I will instigate on recommending occupational protective footwear. Since the construction site is concerned with building, it definitely means that it will need an underground inspection. The employee mandated to carry out the inspection is supposed to be protected from underground occupational hazards.

 In case of ladder use and selection, the construction superintendent will be required to inspect it before use and make sure that they are secured properly with the top being tied to an adjacent building or rather structures. In cases of scaffolds, they should be erected, used and dismantled in accordance with the stipulations provided by the manufacturer. Emergency care unit should be put in place to take care of minor injuries which may arise during the undertaking of the construction. When the emergency is serious, a trained employee should be put in place to contact ambulance services at all times.

In cases of elevated surface, the construction superintendent should prohibit the jumping from the scaffolds and ensure that work is planned at all times to prevent a situation whereby accidents are triggered from above.

The following are the ways in which I will implement the control measures. First, I will go on to establish the required procedures which will be in use when dealing with safety on the construction site. Secondly, I will ensure that navigation in and out the construction site is under tight surveillance so that in case of accidents they are reported immediately and relevant actions performed to curb the particular situation at hand. Thirdly, I will ensure that the construction site is provided with a means of fencing to safeguard employees working where they would be predisposed in falling a distance of 2 meters. In my next consideration, I would ensure that all workplaces, corridors, stairways and passageways frequented by both the employees and visitors are well lighted for clear visibility and with accordance to the stipulated requirements of the law.

I will move forward and ensure that overhead protection is provided where practicable and then take the consideration to fencing all platforms, open sides of all floors, where employees and visitors could accidentally walk in the aforementioned stairways. I will also make sure that I provide adequate ventilation channels and in cases where the construction site is carried out under intense dust, which may be injurious to the health, a respiratory machine would be installed adequately to protect the employees from probable accidents.

In order to provide adequate ventilation, the exhaust gases from engines which are used in restricted areas would be conducted in the open air to prevent suffocation of employees at work. Employees would be trained and cautioned against throwing tools or waste materials hence prevent the entire site workers from probable injury. Another caution would involve ensuring that all sanitary amenities are put in place, that is, the washing facilities, shelter in cases where some of the employees stay at the site and dining accommodation as required by the law. Since the construction site is adjacent to the power lines, I will make sure that the workers are protected from the over head electric power lines as well as provide caution to all electricity installations so that they are installed in accordance with the requirements of the law of Australia.

For the purpose of reviewing and monitoring the effectiveness of the measures which have been, put in place to curb the situation at hand, I will ensure that the control measures which I had earlier on advocated for are put in place and are in fact functional. For instance I will make sure that the emergency unit is in place and operates according to the requirement of the law. I will also make sure that the stipulated regulations concerning elevated surfaces are adhered to and in case an employee goes against the stipulated requirement then stringent punishments will be applied to him to deter others from conducting themselves in that manner. I will make sure that the regulations which were put in place to guide the conduct of workers are adhered to at all times during the undertaking of the work. In cases where the introduction of the new measures leads to the emergence of problems then it will be my duty to try and make sure that the problem does not in any case worsen the situation at hand.

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