The task of a Chief Scout in a certain football club is to observe the matches between different clubs so as to be able to identity new players. The process of identifying new players is difficult. Nonetheless, it is an imperative subject as far as soccer is concerned. Its main significance is to match a player's attributes to the job demands. This guarantees that the chosen player(s) shall contribute effectively towards the success of the club. Player identification is aimed at recognizing those players who have the likelihood of turning out to be successful in a particular club. On the other hand, player selection is an incessant process. This process entails recognizing players that exhibit exemplary performance. Once they have been identified by the Chief Scout, he or she recommends them to either the Club Manager or President.

As a Chief Scout for my Club, I will recommend the following professional players to the Club Manager. They include first of all Kevin-Prince Boateng (Midfielder) who currently plays for AC Milan. The second player is Diego Forlan (Striker). His current Club is Atletico Madrid. The third player is Walter Samuel (Defender). His current Club is Inter Milan. The fourth player is Joseph Yobo (Defender). His current Club is Everton. The fifth player is David Villa (Striker). Currently, he plays for Valencia in Spain. The sixth and ultimate player is Goalkeeper Fernando Muslera who plays for Lazio Football Club in Italy.

Criteria for selecting the aforementioned players

While identifying and selecting the above mentioned players, I considered five attributes. The first attribute is physical attribute. The first form of physical attribute is running speed. It is a crucial factor in selecting a football player. Due to this, I selected Kevin-Prince Boateng, Joseph Yobo, Walter Samuel and Diego Forlan since they exhibited excellent speeds. These players are capable of running across the pitch at higher speeds. Moreover, they have the capability of controlling the ball extremely well. Another form of physical attribute that I considered was physical strength. Physical strength is broadly categorized into two. The first category is skill-based quality. It implies the ability of a player to win the ball from a player of the opposing team. Thus I selected Kevin-Prince Boateng (a midfielder) since he possesses an excellent ability of dispossessing the ball from a player of the opposing team. Moreover, Walter Samuel and Joseph Yobo have excellent capabilities of dispossessing the ball. The second category of physical strength is the appearance. Football players ought to look like athletes. All the six players that I selected possess this attribute. The third and ultimate form of physical attribute that I considered was aerobic fitness. It should be borne in mind that this attribute differentiates a thriving soccer player from a player who isn't successful. A good football player ought to exhibit this form of physical attribute. The six players that I selected exhibit enhanced aerobic fitness.  

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The second attribute is the technical attributes.  Several technical attributes exit. They include heading and passing. Another form of technical attribute is shooting. In particular, both David Villa and Diego Forlan are good at shooting and scoring goals. On the other hand, Joseph Yobo and Walter have excellent heading skills. All the six players possess excellent passing skills. The fourth form of technical attribute is defensive qualities. They include tackling and marking. Another form of defensive quality is interception.  I noted with great concern that the defense of my Club was fairly weak. As a result, I was compelled to strengthen it by introducing Walter Samuel and Joseph Yobo who possess excellent defensive qualities.

The fourth form of technical attribute that I considered was ball control. There are 3 facets of ball control. The first facet or aspect is commanding the ball with velocity. The second aspect of ball control is juggling. It implies the act of controlling the ball using ones' body parts. The third aspect of ball control is commanding the ball while in unreliable situations. Specifically, both Kevin-Prince Boateng and Fernando Muslera are good at controlling the ball with speed. On the other hand, Diego Forlan is capable of controlling the ball using his body parts. Both David Villa and Joseph Yobo are capable of controlling the ball while under unreliable situations.

The third attribute is the personal attributes. It should be borne in mind that professional football players ought to have a craving to be successful. Typically, the craving to be successful reflects talent in a player. All the players that I selected posses this attribute. Specifically, Diego Forlan won the best player of the tournament award at the previous World Cup that was held in South Africa. Another personal attribute is the mental toughness. It means that a player shall fight to the end especially when his team is on the verge of losing a match. All the six players possess this attribute. The last personal attribute is that a professional player ought to strike a balance between personal and team objectives. All the six players possess this attribute. 

The fourth attribute is cognitive-perceptual skills. It implies that professional football players ought to have the capability of 'reading the match'. Specifically, defenders should have excellent cognitive-perceptual skills. This will enable them to interrupt the ball effectively.  In particular, Joseph Yobo and Walter Samuel possess excellent cognitive-perceptual skills. The fifth and ultimate attribute is work rate. Work rate implies the number of kilometers or miles traversed by a player in a match. Diego Forlan, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Fernando Muslera and Joseph Yobo have excellent work rates. They are capable of playing for 90 minutes and more (Williams and Reilly, 2000).

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