Use the following questions to evaluate the research paper.  Direct your comments to your peer.

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Writing the Research Paper

1. Identify the subject of your peer's research paper.  Explain why the subject is too broad, too narrow, or appropriate for the length of the paper.

The subject of the peer's research paper is drug advertisement. The subject is too broad for the length of the paper because of the fact that there are many categories of advertisements.

2. Find the thesis statement for the research paper.  Write the sentence that you believe expresses the thesis statement

The thesis statement for the research paper is: advertisement for prescription of drugs is good.

The sentence that expresses the thesis statement is: These advertisements may cause some debatable issues, but they should continue because they create business, help patients, and they are regulated by FDA

3.  Identify passages or paragraphs that provide rational evidence or an emotional appeal that struck you as significant and effective

The 3rd and 5th paragraph provide rational evidence as to why advertisement for prescription of drugs is good.

The 3rd paragraph explains the three different types of advertisements which provide useful information to consumers and helps them make decisions about their health conditions that can help them improve their quality of life.

The 5th paragraph advertisements makes someone realize that they might have medical and they end up being diagnosed with that same medical condition, then that is proof that these advertisements are education and helping people

4. Identify passages or paragraphs of the paper that you found most interesting and effective.

Paragraph five is interesting and effective it gives reasons why advertisements should be recommended and encouraged.

The concluding paragraph explains that there is no reason to stop prescription drug advertisements because they are regulated, they are beneficial in many ways, and they have no influence on the abuse or misuse of drugs.

5. Find and list those paragraphs

a. That needs to be supported with more specific details.  

b. That contains any logical fallacies/faulty reasoning. Recommend strategies to improve the effectiveness of those paragraphs.

a) The 4th and the 3rd paragraph need to be supported with more details

b) Paragraph four contains faulty reasoning.

Strategies to improve the effectiveness are that the author should make the doctor more superior than the patient.

When arguing against the thesis statement the author should explain in brief and if possible in the conclusion paragraph.

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6. Identify places in the paper where the author fails to maintain an objective point of view. What steps would you recommend to the author to correct the problem?

The author fails to maintain objective point of view in the 4th paragraph. In this paragraph the author does not explain prescription drug advertisement as good the author is rather negative.

7. Check the writer's sources and documentation format for both in-text citations and the References page to ensure that they conform to APA requirements.  Identify any errors that need to be corrected in the final draft.  

There are a number of errors as concerns referencing. The references are not arranged according to the letters of alphabet. Moreover, the tittles of the books are not italic as supposed of APA style of referencing.

8. Identify any missing elements for the essay (title, abstract, thesis statement, and support for claims, in-text citations, conclusion, or reference list).

Thesis statement is missing.

9. Identify any unity or coherence issues that you find.

There is unity in advertisement and the sales made. This is seen in paragraph five there was outstanding profit made because of many sales made

10. Identify any areas where more effective use of transitional words and phrases would improve the coherence of the essay.

In paragraph four the author should have made it clear that the doctor after diagnosing a patient then he will be able to prescribe the right drugs and not to give the patients the drugs they see in the television.

11. Additional Comments:

a) The author to increase support for claims

b) The author also should avoid faulty reasoning especially in the 4th paragraph

LENA recorder IDs with 86 percent accuracy.

The author of the article is Elizabeth Armstrong Moore. The title of the article is LENA recorder IDs autism with 86 percent accuracy.  The author points at the LENA (language environment analysis), which identifies autism in children at a tender age. This is based on vocalizations from recordings that generate habitual acoustic examination of the vocal sounds. The author would have made the article more authentic by employing the ideas of more researchers who have practically exemplified the aspect of autism. The voice of the author changed at the instance when she involved Steven warren's ideas. This helped to boost then understanding of autism. On of the passages that are quite memorable in Elizabeth's editorial is that of Steven warren.  This article is effective in its exemplification of ideas that are linked together to bring out the concepts and issues that surround autism. This makes it easy to understand as the ideas are linked together to form a continuum of aspects in the editorial.

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