Fashion is not important and should be ignored

This essay brings out my opinion on the issue of fashion. Fashion doesn't really matter. It has been proven that an individual can look good even without wearing brand clothes. This is because different individuals can dress differently depending on the occasion or for the purpose which he is supposes to accomplish. A given brand of clothe can be introduced into the market, but given the uncomfortable nature it will accord to you when won, it wont make any sense therefore to wear the same. This is because clothes won should offer the owner some comfort. Some of the new brands offered in the market may also not make the person wearing them to appear smart. This may make it not appealing even though it may be a newly introduced brand; it is always out of common sense that clothes won should people appear smart.

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Different occasions require that the most appropriate clothes be won at such a particular time so that the individual fits into the system. One can imagine what would happen if he decides to wear a casual design clothes for an interview just because the clothes are new brands. Chances are high that the person may lose in the interview and thus care should be taken to avoid losing important chances in the name of fashion.

The way an individual dresses also will bring out the personality in such person. People have the tendency to judge harshly in the situation that one dresses in a manner not pleasant.

In this regard therefore what should be greatly considered in the wearing of clothes is that: are the clothes clean, smart, and very comfortable and finally if it fits to the environment. All the above mentioned factors when effectively put into consideration, can make an individual realize that fashion is not very important. And that people should not dress to please themselves or others but to be very presentable.

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