On joining Leslie Drew and Ethel Beeman for dinner in the afternoon, Warren with great shock encounters her mother Freda Manley dining with Gordon Perry. Findley clearly brings out the character of Freda in an amazing way with this person who was a co-conspirator in her husband's death yet they are dining together. To astonishment Freda is very free with him as we see her very happy from the illustration brought out by her blinding white teeth showing joy in her which Warren had not seen for years.

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The element of beauty is absolute in Freda as she was wearing her sable coat with her perfume dominating the surroundings. On her arm, she had a jangle of silver bracelets, which of course shows the lady was quite expensive and of class. Additionally there is a clear character that she was too demanding and selective as we seen her being served various dishes which she accepted or rejected. Her feeding character is also brought out as disorganized, greedy and improper. This is because, first all the waiters avoided encountering her, and again she ate in a manner indicating lack of table manners since there are incidences when food landed off the plate. A sign of greediness is in her as we see little did her glance leave the plate even to have a chat with Gordon Perry until she finished. Also we see her eating with extra passion as if they had differences with the food, and in the process she also took a lot of wine. A frightening and alarming ability is clearly brought out in a colleague Gordon Perry, as we seen her deceiving face through her brutal eyes while seated with Freda at the middle of the cockpit.

The Other character brought out in Freda Manley is that she was a risk taker, courageous and quite brave as she accepts to dine with Gordon Perry who is believed to be partner in her husband's death. Additionally the lady is confident in all her deeds as portrayed from the dinner setting.

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