The analysis of documented has been of great importance especially when it comes to understanding history. Most writers and directors have been dedicating their time and resources so as to ensure that there is enough material in store that helps the audience to understand and distinguish real truth from reel truth. This work is meant to analyze the film “Glory”, by first giving a brief overview, identify the history event that it commemorate as well as give its major historical contents. The work will also look at key aspects such as characters, acting, visuals and thematic components among other components that the author uses to build the plot of the story.  

The film glory tells the story of the 54th brigade of the Massachusetts volunteer infantry during the civil war. This was the time during which the first group of black soldiers was raised so as to help fight in the war. The film is based on the idea of looking for and gaining reverence; while the conqueror wants respect from the troop, the black troops also want to be respected as men. The brigade finally gets the respect and it is proved that there is nothing lesser with black soldiers; they are no more or less than the white soldiers. Thus the film is generally a celebration of the abstruse act of the group courage during the civil war that was fought in the 1862 in which the involved heroes were ignored due to race differences. In spite of the fact that this war is being fought on behalf of the blacks, black soldiers that were involved in it were virtually denied all privileges and amenities that their counterparts received. The soldiers were however determined to fight and none of them quits even if he was given the chance. The film is directed by Edward Zwick with the assistance of Freddie Horner as the cinematographer and Kevin Jarre as the screenwriter.

The film is based on the American civil war and its main aim is to illustrate how the efforts of the Africa-American soldiers in the war were ignored. Approximately two hundred thousand black-Americans battled for the north and at one instance, the south declared the execution of all blacks who were seen in the union informs. The film thus tells the true recording of the 54th troop of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry which comprised of totally black-Americans most of which are former-slaves. The government is however not decided whether it should use blacks as soldiers or not. At first, blacks are recruited in the army so as to be used as manual laborers. After some time the black troop proves to be competent and able just like the whites and as a result, the troop is incorporated in the war in the front line.

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The film begins with some opening remarks at Antietam, one of the famous battle fields during the civil war. Robert Shaw, the recently elected colonel of the Massachusetts Infantry brigade, leads his troop to an attack on the confederates that is positioned along the Hagerstown in September, 1862. The deputy colonel has just been killed in a battle and Shaw, who is also wounded, passes out to take his place. It is announced that the union president, Lincoln, is planning to free all men in bondage. Shaw is appointed the colonel of the black troop while on leave but agrees after a long thought coupled by some hesitations. Shaw then appoints his friend Cabot Forbes to be his assistant command. Many blacks are interested and join in the troop. Those who join include John, Trip and Jupiter.

The humiliation of the black soldiers begins when the confederate announces that every black man who will be found with weapons should be enslaved immediately and any black found in the federal uniforms will be hanged within no time. In addition, all white soldiers that would be engaged in training black soldiers would also be killed. It is at this moment that Shaw gathers his men and assures them that any application that asks for discharge will be granted. However, none of the men are interested in leaving the camp and they find this as a golden opportunity to fight for the freedom of those enslaved. Shaw is therefore motivated at their determination and commitment that appoints Forbes to train them in preparation for the battle ahead. However, during the training, Forbes tells the men to shoot bottles instead of actual training targets. Shaw notices the inadequacy of the training and tells him to retrain them like really soldiers.

It is through this training that the black soldiers harden and become ready for the fight. Even though at first they are assigned manual duties, Shaw appeals to the area commander and eventually his army is granted to fight in the front line. They fight in the James Island against the confederate troop in which they win the battle but the press does not recognize them. Shaw expects that the headlines will give them credit for the victory but instead the news feature on the victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg. The next day the troop prepares to go and fight Fort Wagner where they are given the frontline. Shaw and most of his men are killed. All men are buried in a mass grave and the film concludes that half of the black troop was killed in the battle.

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