Global warming can be described as the continual increase of the average global temperatures. It has never been precise whether this increase in temperature is due to human causes or it is a natural happening. However, debates have hit on whether the issue of global warming is a fact or it is just a myth (Leroux 13). While some think that it is just a fiction, others, including me, think that it is a fact. This is because several changes have been taking place in the recent years that are enough proofs to show that global warming is real.

Some of the changes that have been experienced include the increased rate of ice melting on the northern hemisphere. While it is obvious that temperatures vary from one place to another, the universal average temperatures are outstandingly constant. According to the analyses of the pole temperatures, temperatures on the northern pole varied only by a small percentage up to the 1900s when a relatively high rate of variation was recorded. This shift therefore translates to the high rate with which the glob is warming (Leroux 194).

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Other evidences of global warming include: the currently experienced changes of the sea level as well as the varied patterns of rainfall seasons (Leroux 296). Today the sea levels have risen significantly due to the ice that has been melting from all the corners of the world. The summers are longer than before and are experienced earlier than the expected time (Pritchard and Amthor 43). Besides, the levels of carbon dioxide have been increasing over the year. As we all are aware, carbon dioxide is one of the leading greenhouse gases that have contributed greatly in warming up the atmospheric air thus causing high rates of increased temperature (Pritchard and Amthor 248). These, together with the fact that everyone has been complaining of too much heat are true facts that global warming is there and it is a reality and not fiction.

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