Old King Cole is a distinguished minor story that is amusing for singing, playing and read out aloud. Old Cole represents that resilience of the wondering soul while searching for his own fate. The old man is said to have lost all the family belongings that his father owned but the few possessions that were left behind were taken over to cover the debts of his father who was an apple peddler. Old Cole trusted the cruel and lively donkey that was left behind besides the fiddle that he used to sing to crowds to obtain food allowance. Straying in the countryside, old Cole remained content through his songs and eventually, his ass led him into Whatland where he became a king out of a mysterious law.

Therefore, Old Cole was confident of meeting his destiny someday, and that perception gave him confidence to overcome petty anxiety over his life after the end of his apple peddler father. When pawnbrokers broke down the old house that Cole and his father once used to occupy, Cole remained still and never complained but was given to unusual humor. Therefore, when Cole elected to discover his fate he took his fiddle and rode on his donkey to nowhere in particular. The main theme emphasized by the actions of leaving for no particular place is that regardless of what man does, eventually, he is expected to meet his destiny regardless of age.  

King Cole represents the people who make out without the old customs and traditions of ignorance but adopts a new thinking approach to regulate his life into fullness. It is said that King Cole never guided his donkey but he kept following the animal to entertaining people along the way for daily up keeping. However, King Cole demonstrates moderate control when he becomes the king by judging cases in a way that makes sure that both the involved parties lost their claim to their cases. For example when two men were fighting over a fine cow, the king killed the cow and roasted it for the poor people citing that getting rid of the animals was best solution. Since the cow was the source of trouble so the King Cole got rid of the root cause of divisions; that way he managed to drastically reduce cases within kingdom.

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The story of Little Boy Blue asserts that disobedience as a result of a circumstance regardless of the magnitude of the condition is considered as an absence. The Little Boy was affected by poverty especially when his mother became ill. Furthermore, the boy and his family remain somewhat remote from their social environment since they are living near the river the boy decided to find work to support his mother who was suffering from a leg fracture. Therefore Little Boy Blue is a courageous character who is able to work and get a doctor to treat his mother.

On the contrary, Little Boy Blue is quite careless with work as seen through his intentions to provide more for his mother, he ends up sleeping on work leaving the cows and goats destroy the corn field and the sheep among the meadows. Though the boy was sorry for the mistake, he was reprimanded normal before he revealed the truth about his hurt mother. However, Squire and her daughter and Miss Madge gave the Little Boy Blue’s mother a nurse and another cabin near their farm. Therefore, the young man never slept again until he was old and able to manage his own farm. According to the story, the accident of the mother brought about the success of the family.

In conclusion, the “New Adventures of Mother Goose” is a delightful books that contain past and valuable short stories and rhymes that have proved to fascinate the imagination of young minds for centuries. The collection of stories contained in the book and the illustrations remain new though the theme of the stories remains unchanged to avoid losing the flavor of each rhyme. 

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