In his novel "The Shining", Stephen king chooses his setting in a hotel. This hotel is somewhat alive as it has got a personality and acts as a magnifier for psychic powers, like the ones Danny had. The hotel manipulates those who reside in it into doing things and for anybody who has got psychic powers, it tends to multiply these powers and they become even more sensitive. It tries to manipulate Jack into killing Danny (King, 2002). In using this kind of setting, King brings out the thrill in the story. He creates a horrific feel and keeps the reader at the edge, making him want to read even more. This keeps the story interesting from the start to the end.

In the setting of "The Cask of Amontillado", Edgar Poe makes the reader get a horror feeling as the story develops. The selection of time and place, during the festival, creates an element of tension as it provides Montressor with a perfect opportunity to lure Fortunato into his trap, when he is in disguise (Shmoop, 2006). The happening of this events create an atmosphere which is horrific, as the readers are led into the underground world. The setting of darkness stimulates the feeling of suspense. The settings in these stories are different, as on occurs in the Hotel and the other in the Underground world, but they both play a similar role as they stimulate that horror effect to the reader. 

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Unlike Jack, Danny and Wendy do not have personal demons. According to their roles they can both be considered as heroes. Wendy for example proved herself a hero by always being a strong woman. She always stayed by Jack's side and supported him as he tried and fought to stay sober. She also fought for her son's life at the hotel whenever Jack got possessed. Danny can also be considered as a hero because he had a talent that enabled him to detect spirits. Even though he could feel the spirits he chose not to tell his father about it because he realized how his job was important to the family. They also proved to be heroes by the tricks they used to fight back at Jack when he was possessed by the ghost that wanted him to kill his family. They locked him into the walk-in pantry. Wendy stabbed Jack and locked herself in the bathroom while Danny used his psychic call for help which enabled Dick to rush and helped them to escape.

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