The nonviolence approach is based on the resistance and willingness to expose parties in a struggle to overcome violence. It mostly requires endurance, courage, and self-control towards the opposition who is mostly violent. In this context, we shall discuss this approach and make attempts to understand how it becomes a failure and a success.

This approach can only be successful where the parties of the struggle are willing to settle their disputes having a high attitude about resistance to violence. Moreover, it should be coupled with a broad support of moral principles that works against the immoral and violent behavior towards the struggle that is at hand. Otherwise, some conditions can make it a failure where both parties are not willing to have any mutual agreement or settlement. Where the parties have disagreed to cooperate toward getting peace by refusing to do certain actions that demonstrate the lack of desire to violence, then this approach fails (Genest 548).

The meaning of “Images of Truth” by Robin J. Crews

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  Robin J. Crews put this phrase “images of truth” where he meant that people should be accepted for who they are and should be free to reflect their inner true self in their daily life (Genest 487). The truth of their inner man should not be a secret to their friends, families, and the society.  If one claims himself to be homosexual the society should accept him for who he is and who he wants to be in life.

Fundamental values associated with Peace Studies

The fundamental values associated with peace include the aspects, such as self-sacrifice, truth, and discipline (Montiel & Noor 17). These are points that people should always consider, while engaging in matter that call for reconciliation with a united motive of developing a peaceful atmosphere.

In conclusion, these approaches can also be very effective, while being used against illegitimate forces like legal and political forces. However, it is technically useful when handling conflicts, where change is affected in coordination of making peace (Rivera 11).

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