The Night Face Up is a very strong text that helps in vivid description of events as they happened. The text helps in clarifying the activities that took place, which facilitated text performance and the unique way of writing the story line. In this written text there are effective developments and interrelations on various ways of expressions in communication process. 

The perpetration of accident and the eventual rescue efforts are narrated in a comprehensive way.

Text performance is a great mean of communication since it presents its ideas in the world. The journal puts into practice vivid utilization of imagery and descriptive approach on the events and activities. The written performance is able to enhance communication and make a good clarification on the process taken. Tactile and language of presentation was an obvious tool used. The electrifying performance text was very effective in the arranging and coordination of information. The performance also reflected the strength of the text as presented. For instance, the description of the heard scream in the Night Face Up helps in the explanation of the events.

Essay Analysis

The readings reflect the capturing of written text on performance and how a performance is able to communicate through written presentation. Many institutional forms have adopted patterns of growth of ideas which have been expressed in a professional and interactive process. In fact, many people having seen a moving performance even will always try to internalize and communicate its power in form of writing.  May be we could reflect in respective journal on certain experience then write a text or email our friends encouraging them to have a say on the information presented.

Performance may electrify, make us contemplative or just sadden us but we normally turn to written texts to express the power of collectiveness.  When doing evaluation, the text makes sense to the affecting power on whatever we have heard or seen. Yet in the process of admiring energy of performance, we always run the risk of making it our own rather that retaining its original status that the message was captured. This show the discrepancies when we alter performance communication to written text presentation. Reading text also portrays this unique observation in the communication process. All these are due to the power of communication and reconfiguration of information into another format.

The question that emerges is the ability to present the information as it is in the performance and present it in a written text effectively. Writing and interpretation on performance present its own unique problems to the parties concerned or to the communicating persons.  For instance capturing the intensity of the 3 dimensional spectacle in a two dimensional language. When we put something which is non verbal, electrifying and live these characteristic aspects are not reflected fully in the written text.

Another aspect is the ability to present the tactile and vivid language of presentation in the written text.  In addition, the body language, color and tonal variation in the presentation during performance communication is not having any form of information in the written text.  This makes us the need to analyze the question; why do we need to write about events on performance? Writing about performance alter its spontaneity when the performance events themselves may wish to be something done at that particular moment. The natural flavor of the required or intended information is not presented to the third party when we present the performance in a written form.  It is also evident from the texts read text that the power of the information intended could be reduced. That vigor of presenting the information is lost when performance is captured through the written text.

On the other hand, writing about the performance does not just provide the opportunity for interpretation but also help us to maintain wresting with the event. This will help in learning purposes so that we are able to understand more information on the performance.  The author in his performance expresses action oriented description. He describes how the drowsiness was very much powerful that the eyes a subject that reflect performance writing (Cortazar 75). Through this, teaching is made possible in the way the information on the performance is presented.  Teaching lives on albeit in the altered form.  In our minds and memory, sometimes the written information is broadened to the intended audience and there is available opportunity to challenge those who read the captured performance in written form.

It is also important to maintain or retain some of the feel on the performance in the writing. This is however is encouraged through using evocative and full bodied imagery which is the writing styles needed.  The imagery helps in conveying affective quality of given spectacle for instance the aspects of color, rhythm, palpable anxiety in a theater house (Cortazar 70).  In this regard, there is a post modernist movement by the name “Performative Writing” This form of writing goes further to involve certain facts on the performance. From its naming concept, performative writing is not just a simple way of writing literature in a given performance but in itself strives to be performance.

Some insight into the Performative writing is brought forth by J. Austin; the literary personality brings imminent features of spoken speech into the written work. For instance analyzing on how things are done with just words.  He justifies that words no not convey fixed meaning but they are able to enact a new reality. In support of this postulation, he states that those who are practicing Performative Writing always shape the boundaries that exist between the speech and the written language in order for the writing to become just like a performance.

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On the other hand, performance texts also communicate through writing in the communication process that involves the written text and performance.

From personal reading, Dennis Tedloch shows that the pauses in oral performance always indicate points where occurrence of breaks takes place. The breaks in the written text compares to musical scores. In addition, he states that the written text on a page should be able to reflect oral performance in its formatted nature (Cortazar 67). A good written text should be able to account for any part of silence on all oral performances when such condition is to be met. Text is also able to show the captured tonal variation in the performance. The use of gestures and signs are prominent in the performance and these are appropriate way of presenting them in text. In addition,   visual performance can be used to display the text content based on the analysis of the audience.

It is good to not that performance writing is in most cases autobiographical. It gives the writers identity whereby the writer tries to express his ideas through writing means. It is therefore a way in which the author applies performance skills and in a given field which is understandable.  The written word in a Performative writing is able to show the captured information and vice versa. On the other hand, performance is conducted effectively from an extract of written text.  The performance is done to reflect the writing and in that case there is communication of ideas and passage of information. Through this, the concept of entertaining and persuading others is common in the writing which is presented in the performance.

The limits or the possibilities of written and performance texts requires that there is good understanding of any given concept.  This can be approached as a differential and even historical. This idea of text limits have got series of traces which have got endless multiplication and for each there is no any consensus on interpretation.  In this case the reader, who is the viewer at some point, becomes the unraveling threads.  It will help in the extent to which color in the tapestry is chosen and followed effectively.  

The performative writing in other more written text reflects an academic writing which emerges from linguistic ideas based on performance utterances. Its features normally include the visual performing arts and in most cases considered to be autobiographical. It is usually incorporating knowledge as progressive movement in a completed end point.  In the same context, writing is done as doing but not as a meaning. It gives more meaning in material continuous and discontinuous. The activities in which writing presented in the journal is reflected in the performance of the text. For instance, when it state that the golden eyes continued burning with their soft and terrible height (Cortazar 6).  The fact that there are shared relationships shows that they are connected by the body.

The writing and any performance are actually connected by their body and the shared experience. This is one of the limits or the extent which relies on their temporary relationships and their positionality experiences. The text also has some kind of view on narratives as part of performance standards that can be considered in the process. Narratives always involve use of speech in some stylistic or poetic manner. Addition, the narratives always tend to do something which is communicating configuring or presenting the information to a specific group. As a result narrative gives or presents a new state of affairs since it is through this kind of performance that involves even acting.  Narratives have got performative effects and are able to achieve great milestones in the performance field. 

The form of the narrative does matter to some extent but it depends with the presenter at that particular moment. We give meaning to lives through narratives since there are given alternatives that we can actually use effectively. These forms may include written, oral, visual, poetic narratives that normally focus on the meaning that people give in life experiences. New forms of narrative performance in conversations are important because there will be an interdisciplinary and the de centered ground where crossing on boundaries are in pursuit. Through this there can also intercultural perspective in the performance.  

It is good noting that art of narrative is an aesthetic enterprise because it has some properties narratives often are consistent and unique hence the performance can be attractive when presented in a narrative form. Narratives are also temporal and coherent in the setting standards.  The reason for this is that the narrator is always a role player in the story development.  This helps in capturing the performance in the most preferred way which is required. Hence since the narrator is a character he can modify the narration or alter it to be in a different form which is important.

In conclusion, the performance aspect of the reading helps in reflecting the written text and the performance text. The written text always helps in capturing performance through presentation of tactile and vivid language of presentation in the written text.  In addition there is a great opportunity for the interpretation of written text during the performance. The performance is very practical and provides an opportunity in evaluating all the written information concerning performance. The limits or the possibilities in the written and performance texts require good understanding of the cases. This helps in capturing good information and evaluating provided alternatives. Lastly, performance gives the true picture of the written text as presented. On the contrary, the written text also has a role in expressing the practical views as captured in the performance. 

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