Anarchists oppose all forms of violence, and their main plank is the removal of all forms of violence in the human lives. Violence is the physical and emotional infliction of pain. Most of the individualist anarchists believe that the use of violence is allowed if only it is for self-defence. The movement can be violent if the anarchists use violence to defend themselves and their government against oppression and other pain-inflicting circumstances. Anarchism is a political belief against the government or laws but rather the existence of the governments favouring euthanasia based on the moral reformation. This can lead violence as the perception of morality varies from one individual to another.

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Most of the anarchism philosophers had different ideologies on anarchism movement. This makes it difficult to control the actions of these individuals as their actions are dependent on their affiliation. The laws and the government are essential to maintain order within the communities. Peaceful movements can be transformed to violent movements if the idealistic thoughts are largely based on a matter of conjecture. This is because religion and most of the philosophies are ready to shed their own blood in the face of tyranny, exploitation and poverty. The will to resort to forceful actions is understandable in this case. This can be interpreted as violence to oneself.

Just like Jihadism, anarchism has incorporated bloodshed to their ideologies. They also have the will to justify the killings not only for soldiers but also other agents of the state and the civilians. In addition, the human behaviour and the human mind are the most complicated and unequal. For instance, the war volunteers obliged by patriotism have the conception of serving justice as well as civilization and are ready for actions such the supreme sacrifices.

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