A sport is a social activity in every country and a means of government earning revenue. Sporting activity varies from athletics, football, rugby, cycling, swimming, etc always most recognised at national levels. To further and promote sports, there should be enough funds for sponsoring sports activities like training of participants, educating of coaches, travel expenses, enhancement of training facilities and coverage of operating costs.

With the above three forms of government, (state capitalism, neo liberalism and social welfarism), the best to support sports will be social welfarism. This demands accountability of Government to donate and support sports as a social welfare. When a government takes responsibility to provide for such an entity, (Mick & Barrie, 2005) there is prosperity and confidence amongst participant. They are encouraged to excel as they strive to make the country proud. This will in turn encourage private sponsors who are willing to promote such activities to donate, but with no restrictions on Government interference.

As seen in the U.S, Government sponsorship of their athletes makes them more accountable and performs better. This encouraged almost every one to participate in sports sponsorships, including 5th and 2nd graders who sold baked goods, recycled bottles to collect deposits, and collected pennies for the support of their teams. This brought about pride and showed the close ties between players and fans. The United States Olympic committee which is a state co corporation does not claim public funds because of this tremendous support (Friedman, 2007). Private corporate support is also tremendous in the U.S with private companies offering support in different ways like employing players on part time basis but providing full time salary, giving cash, and other requirements to participants. This support from the private corporations does not limit government interference as the companies receive a good amount of publicity and the right to use symbols in their advertising.

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With the above support from the government, it is clear that unlike state capitalism which gives the government too much freedom, social welfarism is the better option to gather elite and individual support for sports. State capitalism is a form of dictatorship where the state controls most of the production units thereby controlling public funds and its usage. In this form of government, the poor remain poor while the rich get richer. This does not encourage individual or elite support for sports because with this form of government, it is unlikely that sporting organisations will do well. Without government support, there are no funds to train or take care of sports men/ women. This reduces performance and in turn hinders recognition. Capitalism spirit does not hold the government accountable for offering any support for any social activity or welfare as the government decides what to do with the funds. This is illustrated in the movies, "when the sleeper awakes, and running man "where the government controls citizens through physical force and psychological persuasion. When the sleeper awakes shows how "masters" take advantage of the "workers" for their own personal gains, till the workers begin rebelling.

Neo liberalism is another option which is unlikely to yield individual support. In this form of Government, private companies or corporations gain control of a country's activities, and government interference is limited (Manfred & Ravi, 2010). Just like capitalism, it represents a dystopian world (a world characterised by peace instabilities, war, and lack of individual freedom) just like as in the example of Roller ball, the Energy corporations which is the sponsor and controller of the game, roller ball.  The energy corporation forces players to retire, avoiding stardom as they are the controllers of the game. As given in the protagonist's situation, Jonathan is forced to retire and when he declines, the corporation plans to kill him together with other players.

In conclusion, neo liberalism and state capitalism are not good government forms to gather participations from both the elite and the mass (citizen). Government should gain some form of control over sports with citizen's freedom to question and regulate government's activities. This can only be achieved through social welfare.

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