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The art of analyzing situations from a feminist perspective provides a better platform for understanding the logic of orientalism existing in the United States setting. This specifically relies upon the concept of hypermasculinity, which defines orientalism as the art of creating distinct barriers based on religious fundamentals and unexplained fears characterized by western identity. Marxist and transnational feminist theorists have ruthlessly subjected the concept of orientalism to analysis with an aim of exposing the hidden religious connection. In essence, the US has crafted a self perception of insecurity by exploiting the elements gender, race, and power relations as a background for justifying war.

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Moreover, the protection of the modern day civilization this has led to the coding of Islamists acts as terrorism through the use of instruments like power and knowledge; consequently affecting populations negatively. Narayan talks of the subjection of women to death due to this monolithic mentality and culture. Hence, through infantilization women have been exposed to incidents of rape, abduction, and humiliation as evident in Afghanistan and Iraq. This brings out the irony in the justification of war by abusing the concept of freedom. Finally, there is need to hold state governments accountable for their actions.

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