Online shopping is the process of buying commodities or services from merchants on the Internet. Yoon, and Joseph, (2008 pp.13-26) acknowledge that, online consumer's attitudes and satisfaction differ according to the category of products or services they purchase. Under this study, we are going to deal with user's attitude and satisfaction on movie related web sites. This site creates and increases the awareness and promotes both latest and old movies. The following are the impacts it has created from the following areas; information, technology, convenience, community, price, entertainment and brand name.

Technologically, online shopping has offered easy ways through which customer purchase his commodities. That is, factors such as customer design interface which includes context, content and customization, speed, adjustable customer profile and likelihood of modified products among others have eased the process through which customer gets the commodity.

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Convenience, this is because of its accessibility. Internet is accessible 24 hours/7 days a week this make the user able to visit these sites frequently. Through these online shoppers saves time and resources, for they access the products online instead of travelling to view them from the store. Companies such as New Line Cinema Leverage gain access to its 20 million users online. Online users enjoy services such as viewing trailers, purchasing movie tickets, and obtaining information online, which increases customer's convenience. Thus, perceived ease to use and usefulness increases the customer's convenience.

Online shopping has played a crucial role as a source of information. Online users are able to enjoy almost unlimited information, which affects their buying behaviors. The quality of information provided on website reduces user search efforts and stirs up their behavioral intent to use.

Online shopping also increases the user involvement on decision making of commodity he wants to buy. The involvement makes one search for information and use more time searching for right selection. The degree of participation in the movie-related sites increases from beginner to commitment bearing in mind the levers on the continuum.

Lastly, online shopping has created crucial impacts in movie related field for it has reduced on cost, have a chance to compare different brands.

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