Document Review

The task under review is the ‘getting-started documentation’. In this assignment on document review, various tasks will be performed such as revising, editing, and proofreading the instructions. The discussion below highlights this review process.

Therefore, it is important to understand some of the rules governing the usage of Word Weaver 1.0, which is still new software to be launched in the market. Such rules can be studied under restrictions, which have been highlighted in the following paragraphs.

Focusing on the restrictions, the purchasers may not copy, modify, translate, or transfer the Word Weaver software. The purchaser may use the software on a single computer only, unless enough licenses have been purchased for network deployment. In addition, the purchaser may not remove or modify any copyright indicators. Moreover, all other rights not specifically granted in this license are reserved by Education Word Games, Inc.

Even though, the above statement provides some important instructions, which act as guides to the purchasers of the Word Weaver 1.0 software, it is essential to make the consumers aware of these conditions, before they make the final decision. There are several cases, in which the purchasers have been misrepresented or even misled on engaging into dubious purchases due to advertising puff. As a result, many potential purchases may withdraw from busying the company’s software. Therefore, such restrictions that have been outline above should be made public to the potential buyers of the Word Weaver 1.0, before they make the final decision to buy the software.  In this regard, it is also important to let the purchasers know the limitations of the Word Weaver 1.0 software.

The biggest problem the purchasers often ask the company’s management is how to unlock Word Weaver.  In reaction to this frequently asked question, the company responded that, the purchaser of the Word Weaver 1.0 software needs to enter his/her licensing number exactly as well as his/her  name, that is the name, which the purchaser gave the company when he/she purchased the software. If the purchaser fails to enter it exactly, the software will not unlock. If this is the problem, then the purchaser should go back and make sure the number entered matches the licensing number sent when the product was paid for. Next, the purchaser should check that the name he/she enters matches exactly the name he/she gave the company.

The Effectiveness of the Getting-Started Instructions

The following email was directed to Lisa regarding the effectiveness of the proposed ‘Getting-Started’ instructions.

To: Lisa

Subject: People to Contact to Get Feedback Regarding the Effectiveness of the Getting Started Instructions

Hi Lisa,

I am writing to you in reference to your instructions on ‘getting-started’. It is important to bring to your attention that the instructions provided are effective, but to some extent, more details may be needed. However, before I dwell into these missing elements on the instructions provided, let me begin by highlighting some of the most appropriate people to contact regarding the feedback. First, the school instructors and students are the best people to contact since their classroom work will be based on the getting-started instructions. As a result, they need to understand the system thoroughly so as to be acquainted with all the necessary instructions, which are geared towards facilitating their classroom learning. The second group of people to be contacted in this process is the businesspersons who will find the software relevant to their written communication assignments. Finally, newspaper editors are another group of people who should be contacted for the response because they need this word software to perfect their written articles.

Hereby, I propose to you various questions that will help you gather the feedback you are looking for. The set of questions can be stated as follows:

  1. Do you know about Word Weaver 1.0 software?
  2. Have you heard of the Word Weaver?
  3. Have you used the Word Weaver 1.0 software?
  4. Is the system easy to operate?
  5. If ‘yes’, what was your experience?
  6. Did you get the desired result with the Word Weaver 1.0 software?
  7. What challenges did you get with the Word Weaver 1.0 software?
  8. Can you consider the Word Weaver 1.0 software to be user friendly?
  9. Will you recommend for training on the Word Weaver 1.0 software?
  10. In comparison to other word-editing software, what would you say about Word Weaver 1.0 software?
  11. Are the ‘getting-started’ instructions detailed?
  12. What changes or improvements would you propose on the getting-started instructions?
  13. Can you refer someone to use Word Weaver 1.0 software?

The answers to the above set of questions will act as a guide to the effectiveness of the getting started instructions.

Thank you in advance.

Yours faithfully…

To: Lisa

Subject: The Steps Needed to Test the Effectiveness of the New Interface Buttons

Dear Lisa,

There are various steps that can be used in testing the effectiveness of the new interface buttons. These can be done by checking whether the button with html, JPEG, pdf, and wwf icons can actually save the published puzzle as web page, jpeg file, pdf, and word weaver files respectively. In addition, ascertain whether the published puzzled can be emailed to another person or it can be printed.

Best regards.

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