The Godfather is an American epic, which was produced in 1972. Its director was Francis Ford Coppola, while Albert L Ruddy was the producer. The screenplay was done by Mario Puzo and Coppola. It was based on Puzo’s 1969 novel, which shared the same name. The major stars of the movie are Marlon Brando and Al Pacino.

In the movie, Vito Corleone is the Don of his New York family of crime. Before the 1945 Christmas, the drug baron, Sollozzo, who was backed by the Tattaglia family, approached Vito Corleone. They wanted Vito to use his political connections to protect them in their dirty work. Instead, he sends his enforcer, Brasi, to spy on them. Later, an attempt to assassinate Vito landed him in the hospital. His eldest son, Sonny, took over. The youngest son avenges the second assassination attempt on his father by killing Tattaglia son. This was the start of a war between five families and this even led to the death of Sonny and Michael’s wife. Vito dies in 1955 while playing with Michael’s child.

The movie has gangster melodrama exciting and entertaining to watch. It has a moral teaching, which can clearly be seen by its viewers (Puzo 70). The question of whether or not crime pays comes out in this film. This is seen through the Corleone family. They suffer a lot as time goes by due to the crimes they had committed. They are ambushed on screen corners and assassinated on the thruways. The film brings out the wages of crime and the effect it can have on one’s progeny. It shows us how people in the society are willing to indulge in all sorts of crime in order to gain money and power. However, this does not pay well.

The main theme of this movie is the crimes that exist in the society. The Corleone family is involved in many forms of crime. These include drug trafficking as well as murder. Vito is dismayed when he learns that even his youngest son had indulged in the dirty business. These crimes lead to war fares between families and result to many deaths. Some authorities are also involved in these crimes. When Michael went to prevent a second assassination attempt on his father, a corrupt policeman punched him in the jaw. This shows the extent to which crime can infiltrate a nation and its citizens.

The actors in the film have been given perfect roles. This makes them play their roles effectively. Marlon Brando plays his role so effectively that he receives the Actor of the Year Award. He plays his role as a Godfather and the Don of a crime family. Al Pacino also plays a tremendous role in making the film a success (Lyden 156). As the youngest of the Corleone sons, he plays the role of killing two potential assassins of their father. He also struggles to keep the family intact even after the older brother had been killed. The actors in this film have been given their suitable roles, and this contributed to the success of the film.

The film has fundamental moral teachings about crime. It educates people in the modern society on the atrocities associated with crime. It has also chosen fantastic locations for its shooting. However, some of the criminals emerge from the whole story victorious. This could have a negative impact on the audience.


The film was a real success, since it captivated most of its viewers. The storyline, the theme, the actors and the production of the movie captured the minds of many. That is why it was able to scoop many different awards.

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