This is a request letter written by Ted Nancy as a client, to the restaurant manager. She wanted to request for a reservation to hold a party there and be allowed to use her own waiter to serve him. She is so clear and precise in putting down her requests.

As a formal letter, it has the address of the sender, salutation, appropriate conclusion and uses a business language. However, it lacks the necessary two addresses with the required double spaces between them, title of the subject and a clearly positioned date. I think the date was not supposed to be secluded at the right corner of the letter. These show that Nancy did not meet all the requirements of an official letter.

Description of the response

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The response letter was written by Mr. Christian Vanneque barely 3 weeks after the Nancy’s. It is also an official letter that has a letter head containing the company’s logo, date, salutation, content message and a formal conclusion. It is more brief and straight to the point. Besides, he attempts to be more professional. However, it lacks the recipient’s address, reference number and the subject. These are the most important professional standards that should be made by such a letter. He should have included all these features and clearly explain his points so as to meet all the standard professional requirements for such letters.

Email to Sally

Hi Sally!

Good morning? I hope you are ok. I am writing to you this mail to inform you that the letter you are not up to standard. After going through it and carrying out an extensive research, I realized that you had made a lot of mistakes.

Therefore, you should learn from Nancy’s letters that you should use an official language and be precise. This will enable you to write highly professional letters. Otherwise, I have attached two sample letters to assist you in future writings.



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