For a person who needs a wheelchair to move around, this house is quite comfortable and convenient to live in. there will, be very modifications required particularly in the bathroom which cannot accommodate a wheelchair because it is small with a size of about 60x90. Presently, if the client can use a walker there will be no modifications required. Another modification will also be made to accommodate a seat in the tub. Although, the main exit at the back off the house is large enough and easily accessible, it will also be appropriate to create another exit near the client’s bedroom.

Modifications of the house for a cognitively impaired client

All electric outlets should have plastic plugs. In the bedrooms, the beds should have their bed frames removed in case the client falls from the bed to reduce injuries. Since there were no patients in the house, there are a few sharp-cornered furniture pieces. In case the client smokes, it is important to bring an ashtray in the bedroom and put a little water. The house is well lit; but at night, the outside lights should be put off to avoid attracting the client going out at night since cognitively impaired people fear darkness. The client’s bedroom will also be modified particularly the doors and windows to camouflage them, which will help to discourage the patient from escaping. The tub surface should also be modified to reduce slippery, although there is a mat. The bedroom door of the client should also be modified to produce a squeaky sound and get rid of all the locks from inside. There should also be alarm systems at the kitchen door and at the exit door. There should also be more swinging chairs in the compound.

Modifications of the house to accommodate a preschool child

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More teddy bears and dolls should be introduced in the child’s bedroom and hobbies to lighten up the home for the child. There should also be a seat in the tub. The home should also introduce a schedule to disinfect the child’s toys in spite of the general cleanliness of the house.

Does this home need modification so any client could live there safely?

Generally, this home is in a good condition and any client can live here safely without modifications. Even the aforementioned modifications are minimal and are lot of them can be improvised especially if the client has a good caregiver. For instance, safety measures in terms of medication, kitchen and fire appliances meet the standards for different clients such as children and cognitively impaired persons. Already, the home has a number of provisions for those moving around with wheelchair. The environment and the home are generally clean, there is no smell of dirty clothes and the residents have maintained the cleanliness of the exterior. It is possible for all clients even without infection control. There are adequate safety measures in the kitchen and the bedrooms as well as emergency numbers. The foods are well labelled in the kitchen and kept healthy for health purposes.

The probable health status of the occupants of this home, using knowledge of the determinants of health and how they interact

The health status of the occupants of this home is generally good. By health standards, there are no or very few incidences of infections and diarrhoea. There are also no persons living with certain conditions because by all indications, the food in the fridge except for being well balanced does not indicate special nutrition requirements. In addition, the only medication in the house is multivitamin and Tylenol. Even though, there has made adequate provisions to walk around with wheel chair such as two wheelchairs, large bedrooms and adequate exit there are no disabled persons. 

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