As the world's superpower, the United States of America is not as vulnerable to military trounce as it is when compared to the hostility of other foreign countries. As a result, when the US is reserved concerning its achievements and capabilities, it will help other nations generously (Ortmeier, 2008). On the other hand any efforts of dominance are faced with its being despised. America's war on terrorism has a long time caused fear among the citizens due to the potential future attacks and hatred from other nations. As a result, there is need for a shift in the manner in which war on terror is dispensed to ensure to ensure more transparency.

One of the major areas that call for greater accountability and openness as per the recommendations by legal experts is protection of human rights. In its efforts to fight terrorism, America has committed a lot of abuses of human rights both locally and internationally. The country needs to improve in many key areas but it has violated many human rights on its claims of "war against global terrorism" putting it under rigorous scrutiny and condemnation by countless global rights organizations (Ortmeier,, 2008).

Secondly, the issue of detention authority needs rapid amendment to ensure accountability and transparency. To date is not clear on whose authority it is to detain some terror suspects; America treats this issue to suit its own interests. For instance, detaining individuals in Guantanamo Bay where some individuals are indefinitely detained devoid of trial or charge.

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The third area of concern that needs change of tactics is civil liberties in America. The war against terrorism has facilitated the government to violate civil liberties of the American citizens in the name of protecting them against enemies. In the end, they have been denied among others, "freedom of speech, freedom to travel, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom of speech etc" (Ortmeier, 2008). The laws have to be amended to stop infringing the fundamental rights of the citizens while fighting terrorism.

Ortmeier (2008) assert that the mentioned areas are very important and need to be taken care of rapidly because they form the core basis of human existence. First of all, it is very important to protect the rights of all individuals and avoid causing atrocities by respecting human lives. It is also very important to have a clear detention authority so that no one is detained in a wrong country and unfairly. This way cases of suicide in prison and killings of mistaken identities stop. Lastly, respect for civil liberties is paramount and no country has the right of infringing them. America is a society of all kinds of people, from all over the world and they have to be allowed to attend any religion they want, talk to anyone they anyone. Most importantly it has to be noted that without freedom of speech and press freedom, no accountability and transparency can be realized.

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