American transcendentalism was brought about by one Ralph Waldo Emerson alongside Henry David Thoreau. This unique phenomenon can be seen in the sense of what these people were going against, trying to be unique or rather having their own ways of doing things. One perspective of looking at transcendentalists, is to perceive them like a group of enlightened fellows who existed in the old days when civil war in America and separation in the country that it showed and helped in bringing it to existence (Ralph, 4). This group of people who came from England had efforts to come up with a rare genre in regard to literature which is purely American. Time had really gone since the realization of independence by Americans and so the openly came up with their own literature in regard to poetry work, materials in philosophy, artistic works among others, that appeared different with other countries (Ralph ,7).

In this essay, we shall look at who agreed with Emerson, to what extent and what in return that person managed to accomplish. One Marianna Musseta seemed to support the idea of this new generation. She argues that, transcendentalism came up with concrete answers in regard to democratic life in America in regard to technological advancement and development in science. The country was by then undergoing retrogressive idea of Calvinism killing modernization and advancement in all perspectives (Ralph, 9). Although some people were against it at first, they came back to their senses and agreed with Emerson. She continues to argue that, Emerson was right by saying that all persons are created to come to terms with their natural habitat to understand themselves better and to come up with ways of improving their lives making it rather good. Emerson observes that, the more those entrusted with those responsibilities dedicate themselves to discover more the nearer they become towards knowing what is indeed good and beautiful. This discovery which so personal, those is taking part are entitled to freedom and believing in themselves so as to get the best in regard to the relationship between them and transcendental matters (Ralph, 12).

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Nathaniel's Hawthorne connection with transcendentalism was not anything good. He regards it as a platform for one to discover things related to spirits in the perspective of nature. He deeply looks at it as a way of rejecting by artists of the orthodox nature in New England. It is said that those who did not support Emerson the likes of Edgar Allan Poe had plans underway to eliminate some of Emerson's men who supported his phenomena. Edgar alongside other writers made use of their artistic work to explain their contempt for transcendentalism and tried hard to look down upon it. Although the idea of him attempting to kill this great man did not succeed. Hawthorne's move alongside Edgar Poe is regarded as being dark (Ralph, 34). One critic from America sais that the reason as to why they don't argue like transcendentalist is because they disagreed with being perfect and inner soul exposing the habit of sinning and destroying oneself. It is also deduced that, although these two agree with attraction of the habitat as being powerful they say it could be a strange power rather than connection of human beings with God. Finally, while Emerson and his men were being hopeful about transition socially these two seemed to come up with individuals who never succeeded in their efforts to discard their drawbacks.               

In conclusion, although Emerson and his reasoning was not being supported by Hawthorne and Edgar, it still went ahead to be embraced by many in America. Hawthorne attempted to write some artistic work in a bid to express his ideas but still did not counter transcendentalism and ended up being criticized the more. Edgar on the other hand did not achieve much with his poem. His ideas were equally rejected as being vulgar with no basis.

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