Criminal Justice Research

  1. Recent research findings play a vital role in cybercrime rates reduction as well as providing specific demographic information and the information about crime evolution in the society.
  • Research works on cybercrime enable scholars to distinguish new types of crime, such as computer crime.
  • Research results help to study crime circumstances as well as the areas where the crimes are committed and by whom they are committed.
  1. Understanding crime causation may contribute to the development of effective strategies for crime prevention.
  • Cybercrime is caused by the development of technologies and requires prevention on the technological basis.
  • Money is the major motivator for cyber crimes, so modern security systems and updated software should be developed to prevent it.
  1. Accurate results of my research on cybercrime activities permit to establish effective strategies for cybercrime prevention.
  • Classification of cybercrime activities permits to develop different methods of their prevention correspondingly to each type of crime: financial crimes, cyber-terrorism, and cyber-extortion.
  • Key facts and figures are indispensable in control of cybercrime rates in the USA.

Levin, A., Ilkina, D. (2013). International Comparison of Cyber Crime. Ryerson: Privacy and Cyber Crime Institute.

The authors present an international report on the development of cybercrime and challenges related to it in different countries. The aim of this report is to develop effective strategies for computer crime activities reduction. Both national and international levels are taken into consideration. Although the study focuses on cybercrime in Canada and involvement of international strategies to fight with this issue, it provides an accurate analysis of cybercrime in the USA and some other countries. The report analyzes cybercrime and methods of its reduction in such countries as Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Germany, France, Finland, Norway, Russia, China, and others. The results of this research assist to the establishment of highly effective strategies for cybercrime prevention based on international experiences. This is a vital methodology that can be used to prevent cybercrime development not only in the USA but all over the world. The country can obtain many benefits from experiences of other nations in this field.

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Strickler, M. (2014) Recent US trends in cybercrime prevention. Atlanta: International Bar Association.

The study focuses on the recent trends in cybercrime prevention in the USA. The scholar provides a brief definition of cybercrime and its nature to reveal major challenges related to this type of crime. According to the study, the cybercrime has spread around the globe, as well as in the US. The research is concerned mainly with the cybercrime classification in the country. Furthermore, the study draws attention to the US Government activity aimed at cybercrime prevention. The most vivid examples of cybercrimes in the USA are provided to prove that this type of crime has a significant effect on social, economic, and political spheres in the country. The results of this research are vital in developing strategies for crime prevention as they provide the information about cybercrime classification. These findings can be used for establishment of different approaches and methods with regards to various types of cybercrime. Moreover, this study provides essential analysis of governmental involvement in solving this problem.


National Crime Prevention Council. (2012) Cybercrimes. Arlington: JDH.

The study provides important information concerning cybercrime as a new type of crime. The author explains what cybercrime is and how it has evolved. Nowadays there are many types of cybercrime but all of them share the common ground. Other questions raised in this investigation refer to causes and results of cybercrime. Furthermore, the author suggests several cybercrime prevention strategies that have positive effects.

PWC. (2014) US cybercrime: Rising risks, reduced readiness. US State of Cybercrime Survey.

The report presents the essential findings concerning cybercrime in the US, focusing on rising risks and repercussion of cybercrime. With the help of this investigation, it was possible to analyze the incidents of cyber insecurity and distinguish eight major cyber security issues to prevent monetary losses. What is more, the study distinguishes major benefits of the NIST Framework that was developed to reduce risks of cybercrimes in the business environment.

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