Contemporary world can be characterized as the age of information.  This gives the majority a great opportunity to learn, evaluate, reflect and make own decisions. At the same time, easy information access has made a dramatic impact on ethics, preconceptions and beliefs. Gay marriages, which used to be a taboo issue, only several decades ago, are now an openly and widely discussed topic. Gay couples can legally get married only in a few places, such as Argentina, Canada, the USA (seven states, among which are: New York, Connecticut, Washington, Iowa, the District of Columbia, etc.), Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, etc. It is only a start; however, the argument is not finished. People are still discussing whether same-sex marriages should be legal or not. The aim of this paper is to show the reasons, why gay marriages should be legalized.

Same-Sex Marriages Need to be Legalized Essay Example

First of all, all men were created equal, as the constitution states. This means, all people should have equal rights independently on their origin, race, religion, education, or sexual orientation. To my mind, it reveals the fundamental idea, which modern society should be based on. It is also one of the main arguments pro-gay movements exploit. Nowadays, in many countries throughout the world gay couples are deprived of the right to get married according to the local law. It is impossible to find a clear and strong explanation why homosexual couples cannot get legally married. This is a crying injustice, which has only recently started to draw attention of the public. If all people are treated equally they all feel themselves members of society and realize their responsibility in front of it. Legalization of gay marriages gives homosexual couples understanding of their new social status with more serious and strict requirements compared to civil unions. Thus, I believe that fulfilling civil liberties of gay people will increase the level of their social responsibility.

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Secondly, legal marriage opens more advantages for families. Such things as joint ownership, medical decision-making ability and other benefits of legal families should be available to all couples. To develop this argument in more detail, I would like to draw a simple story. Imagine a gay couple who have been partners for many years. Once, one of the partners gets into a car accident and is taken to hospital. First of all, the other partner will not be allowed to the room, as “only spouses or family are permitted”. Secondly, in case of death the second partner may become homeless as there is no legal ground for him or her to stay in the house that belonged to the first partner. These are just two examples of how serious the consequences of gay marriages not being legalized can be for a separate couple. Social, financial and legal benefits deriving from a legal marriage should be accessible to all families.

Finally, the third reason why gay marriage should be legalized is parenting. I assume child adoption is one of the weightiest reasons why same-sex marriages need to be legalized. Gay couples are often eager to adopt children. However, it is a very rare case they will be granted such a permission not being a family legally. If gay marriages are made legal, many homosexual families will obtain a chance to become happy and loving parents. At the same time, the number of adopted children will increase.


To summarize, legalization of gay marriages is a serious neglect in modern society. It is a deprivation of gay people civil rights. Homosexual couples are equal to traditional families and should be treated equally. They need to have access to the benefits legal marriage gives. They need to be able to become parents through adoption upon their wish. Society has to forget why gay couples are different from the rest and start looking at them as equal and responsible members, who need to be protected by law and supported by society.

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