According to Hillary Clinton (2004), there are posibilities of mutes existence. Clinton writes about witnesses of people who had expereiences with the mutes. He claims that the mutes were not interested in anything on the earth but on the underground power which seems to sustain the earth. This is the magnetic power which pulls and sustains the earth. These mutes supposedly are aiming to get to the interior of the earth to tap the power which they believe is sustaining the earth (Clinton para. 5).

This paper proposes three reasons why mutes had to aliens. The first is that nobody understands  how the magnetic power in the interior of the earth can be utilised meaning that these mutes were not part of the earth’s inhabitants otherwise it could be known how the magnetic powers could be utilised. The mutes seem to understand how this power can be utilised. The facts that there is no tangible evidence to show that these mutes have been serching for these powers can be taken to mean that the mutes were aliens.

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Another reason which can be proposed to support the stand of this paper is the strange flying objects which have been associated with the mutes. Clinton desribes them as ‘black flying objects which are silent.’ There are further descriptions which some other flying objects as, ‘saucer pans.’ It can be said that these were used to fly the mutes to the outer space and therefore they had to bealiens.

In the introduction of his article, Clinton talks about myths which have been handed down over time by different communities. Clinton (2004) also talks about Lemunarians who were said to be allied to space traveleres. The sapce travelers are seemingly the mutes (Clinton para. 2). The stories on the mutes are not detailed a clue indicating that the mutes were not part of the earth inhabitants otherwise much about them could be known.

The mutes which are believed to have existed most probably were aliens. This is so because of the scanty information available about them and the travelling objects which have been associated with them.

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