Man has always been baffled by the existence of homosexuality. To many, the issue of homosexuality is and remains a mystery. Several attempts have been made to discover the cause of homosexuality. There is a wider section of the society that believes that homosexuality is a genetic problem but scientific experiments have proven this allegation otherwise. Scientists have the evidence that homosexuality results from a person’s circumstances as s/he is growing up.

Clearly, scientific evidence have not supported the idea that homosexuality is brought by genetics. This is because modern technology that is used by scientists to view DNA and see all the set pieces that form a human being have not suggested so. Scientists have failed to link up specific DNA traits that are responsible for homosexuality and for this reason we can argue that gay genes do not exist. This is because scientists are able to match different DNA traits but they have not proved the gay gene. However, scientific evidence suggests that homosexuality is brought about by circumstances. For example if a person’s older siblings are gays, the probability of that person being gay increases. Some suggest that it increases by even three times. And the higher number of gays in a family, the higher the chances that the smaller siblings will also be gay. Scientific argument for the above scenario is that this is not genetic that the family has gay genes but circumstantial and the smaller siblings only following their older peers.     

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In the first place, it has been shown that circumstances in a gay’s life influences him/her greatly on whether to be a homosexual. If, let’s say, that homosexuality was genetic, then there could be no choice, but several cases show that homosexuality grows into heterosexual potential through psychological therapy. Therefore, the argument is that homosexuality is more of a choice since it tries the unnatural behavior. Homosexuality is, by reproduction point of view a means to contradict the basic instinct to survive and preserve the human race. Many groups have been started to try and save the people trapped in this kind of behavior. The groups claims that homosexuality is not genetic as genes cannot be changed but it is the people who have changed their lifestyles. These groups feel the need to change and be straight especially due to religious beliefs. Christianity frowns upon homosexuals.

But some people or organizations may not agree with this thesis due to the fact that there is a correlation between some genetic traits and homosexuality. Due to this strong correlation between these genes, then these people could argue that genes that cause the trait also cause homosexuality. Although it is true that there are organic differences in the brain that have been identified between “normal” people and gays, this may be caused by environmental factors. Some of these traits in gay people like lisps do not necessarily make them gays and besides not all gay people have these traits.

Yet some people could argue that some people are just born gays. They may argue that since they were small children, they knew they were gay claiming that the environment has not played part in their unnatural behavior. But what scientist claim is that early family relationships and inappropriate sexual seduction at earlier ages determine the sexual identity of young people and play a major role in development of homosexuality, occurring beyond a person’s memory.

In conclusion, I can argue that homosexuality is as a result of circumstances rather than genetics. So far, there is no evidence supporting gay groups claim that there exists a “gay gene” from scientific study. This lack of scientific evidence and due to the fact that people can change from being homosexuals to heterosexuals show that homosexuality is a choice rather than a natural feeling.

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