Haiti is a country which has suffered tragedy and economic hardships. The people of Haiti have over the years preserved in hard living conditions mostly living in abject poverty. In my endeavor to make my contributions to Haitians I joined a group of humanitarians known as For Haiti with love. My visit to Haiti with this humanitarian group in 2002 was an eye opener as to the plight of the Haiti people. Though, people may not be aware of the conditions in Haiti, I find it to be a noble duty to inform and encourage people across the world to participate in alleviating Haiti’s ailing conditions.

Haiti matters to everyone and significantly to me. It is my belief that human life is sacred; therefore, it should be treasured and appreciated at all times. As an individual, it is my opinion that human suffering should be alleviated at all costs. Haitians are a people like any other in the world and should not be left alone in their hour of need. It is my intention to see that my contribution, though it may seem meager goes a long way in assisting someone in need. It should be noted that my motives in this endeavor are honest and truthful. Each person making contributions should be assured that all contributions made will be used for the intended purpose of helping Haitians. Every contributor should be assured that all contributions are documented and are subject to audits.

Haitian’s are a people whose lives have been made difficult by poor economic conditions. The lack of well paying jobs has left the country impoverished and often times hunger engulfs the nation. The prevalence of HIV and AIDS has left many children as orphans with no one to take care of them. During my time there I noticed the smallest act of kindness and little help goes a long way in easing their lives. It does not require much effort to make someone’s day bright in Haiti. An act of kindness places a smile in a child’s face. A small contribution gives them hope for a better tomorrow. My appeal is not only for contributions of basic necessities but also contributions in building the country to be self sufficient. For instance, health care is significantly needed. Infrastructure and creation of jobs will enable the people to provide for their families.

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As, the saying goes, no man is an island. Therefore, all human beings are interdependent of each other. It is necessary for people to know that they do not stand alone. Whether it is a time for celebration, or mourning people must live together, help each other and support each other. The plight of Haiti should not be ignored, but it should be observed as everyone’s problem. Haitians are an integral part of the human race and, therefore, each person’s reaction towards them is a measure of the scope of our humanity. In times of need, a person needs someone to offer help, in times of sorrow someone to mourn with. It is human to offer help where it is needed, when it is needed. Haiti matters because it is part of our human society and its plight reflects in all of us. It is everyone’s human responsibility to offer what help is afforded. In the event of a misfortune or catastrophe befalling anyone, they reach out to their fellow human beings for help. Haiti is reaching out to everyone on the world to extend their help by contributing to the rebuilding of the people’s spirit and infrastructure.

Orphan’s wondering in the street’s almost naked and hungry, men and women languishing in disease and poverty is not how life should be. My appeal is to all people to see as I saw the need to help. It doesn’t matter how insignificant a contribution may seem, it will go a long way. The occurrence of natural disasters like earthquakes does not help matters but makes a bad situation worse. It is the duty of all people to give what they can because Haiti matters.

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