There are approximately 12 million immigrants currently residing in the U.S., which had been unaccounted. Their future depends on Congress. This is because it considers whether the immigrants should be able to obtain U.S. citizenship. Illegal immigrants are those, who unlawfully enter the country, for financial or other personal reasons. Having gone against the law, they cannot actively seek citizenship; and instead, they expect a discharge for staying in the state (Gordon 32). These persons are illegal aliens, who as per their actions have demonstrated contempt towards the laws of this nation. There may be laws that they disagree about; however, they have to be obeyed. Failure to recognize the laws of United States leads to chaos and the economical implications.

Reasons Why Illegal Immigrants Should not be Made Legal Citizens

It is not an unpleasant thought that other countries’ citizens desire to live in the US. Many of those that desire to come to the country are industrious and possess extremely strong qualities. The United States of America has a long tendency of immigrant’s influx, which and building an extraordinary life. At different times, the United States had always required different stages of immigration. As a country, it will always require new immigrants (Gordon 18). Majority of the American people, as per opinion polls, are not for illegal immigration simply because they “loathe” some races. Instead, they desire all immigrants to have a legitimate process of citizenship through the lawful process. They also desire the federal government to be responsive to changing economic conditions.

Failure of the United States to guard the border with Mexico for many years has let in millions of criminals, drug Lords and gang affiliates. This also allows spread of new diseases into the country (Miller 22). Meanwhile, the law abiding citizens that would desire to gain U.S citizenship lawfully get subjected through immense efforts in the process of filling immigration forms to file for immigration. Once the illegal aliens get into the U.S, they attempt to make a living within the desired conforms of law. They do so by directly giving the blue collar American laborers a run for their money, literally, and in so doing, driving their expected wages down. Moreover, illegal immigrants get involved with illegal selling of narcotics or other criminal activities and behavior.

A large number of illegal aliens pay no tax, and they do not intend to pay it. Consequently, they elicit excitement, when they take advantage of the available social services offered and benefits owed to them. In fact, stories of how “easy” life in the U.S is, motivate more immigrants to come illegally to United States. Currently, the country’s economy is at a depression. Millions and millions of U.S citizens are unemployed: 44 million legal citizens rely on food stamps while 47 million citizens are living in abject poverty. The U.S cannot engage a whole lot of extra workers right now. Illegal aliens punish the middle class in U.S, which, in its turn, is thoroughly denting the U.S. economy, at large (Dudley 32). Because of illegal immigration daily wages get lost, and taxes get evaded; furthermore, hospitals offer “free health care”, for which none of the illegal immigrants pays.

Expansive criminal affiliations of aliens are roaming the towns, and the expense of offering social services to illegal aliens is slowly crippling state and local governments, thus, driving them to bankruptcy.

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Illegal aliens snatch jobs from U.S citizens. According to a research done by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and data of Census Bureau, legal and illegal aliens accessed almost a million additional vacancies in the employment market, between 2008 and 2011. Millions of U.S citizens, however, got laid off during that same span. Illegal aliens, under general conditions, evade payment of taxes. Most of illegal immigrants would rather die than pay the income tax; the shocking bit is that Mexicans living in the U.S remit billions and billions of dollars away from United States to Mexico annually. Although illegal immigrants pay next to zero in taxes, they have no issues receiving free benefits that Americans pay for in taxes. Communities in the United States now openly announce that they will assist illegal immigrants with things, such as free education and healthcare. The cost of placing illegal aliens’ children through education is staggering. It gets estimated that American taxpayers spend 12 billion dollars annually on primary and secondary school education for the illegal immigrants’ children.

Thanks to illegal immigration, California, which already has an overstretched health care plan, is about collapsing. Many of California medical institutions and emergency rooms have closed down over the last years, because they could not afford to remain open after being endlessly flocked by illegal aliens, who were not able to afford the services offered. The remaining of the health care system in California is now beyond overcapacity, because of the same reason. This had led to long waits at the reception, diverted ambulances services and even unnecessary patient demise. It got estimated that there were approximately 7.8 million immigrants, who became illegally employed by U.S. employers during 2007. US economy would be much better off, in case that all the jobs were filled with US laborers. The region bordering the U.S./Mexico border is an open war zone. Juarez, a city in Mexico, bordering the U.S., is one of the most lethal cities on the entire world, due to the vicious drug war being fought there. In fact, Juarez is the capital of murder in the western hemisphere (Bascio 38). Much of that violence has begun to spread out to areas of the southwestern United States, towards Arizona. A large percentage of young illegal aliens winds up in violent gangs like MS-13.

American authorities believe that immigrants make up millions of members of criminal gangs that are operating inside the United States. According to the federal government, the gangs are responsible for the violent criminal activities committed in America each year (Gordon 28). Latino gangs, which comprise mostly of illegal immigrants, are responsible for much of these criminal activities. It is clear that Mexican drug Lords and their cartels are explicitly conducting military activities inside the United States. The small number of border patrol officers that are guarding the border is massively outgunned and outmanned.


Annually, it costs the state multi billion dollars to jail illegal alien criminals that should not have access into the country, in the first place. It gets estimated that illegal immigrants make up almost 30 percent of the numbers in federal and state prison. The total cost of keeping them in jail is more than 1.6 billion dollars per annum. The drug war fought on the borders of both sides is so intense that it is almost inconceivable. For example, one particularly famous Mexican assassin, known as “the soup maker”, has confessed that he made almost 300 bodies vanish by dissolving them in acid baths. Right now there is essentially nothing that would prevent the next “soup maker” from crossing the borders and moving into areas of American life (Bascio 43).

With the entire fore goings in mind, banned citizens should not be granted legal citizenship easily. Illegal immigrants should not be legalized, unless they understand the legal system of citizenship, where applicants’ background checks are conducted. This would ensure a safe and economic prosperous United States.

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