The parking areas in this institution were designed and made to provide security of vehicles and most importantly, to facilitate easier movement of motor vehicles within the institution’s compound. This is according to the designers who worked to come up with this design; design is a problem solving process, and it worked to allow easy maneuvering of motor vehicles. The number of motor vehicles visiting the institution was less, and motorists were willing to follow as well as support the law and order. However, the research conducted recently shows that there is a slight to significant deviation in people’s behavior as compared to before (Wood).

The picture we see in the parking lots is not appealing, the first reason being that there  are  significant numbers of vehicles, could be as many as we are or slightly less. Some people park their vehicles in an inappropriate way; they (vehicles) occupy a space bigger than the allotted space for any vehicle. The other thing that can not escape notice in these parking areas is vehicles parked across the road, and some are left there for ages, living no passage for motorists trying to access or leave the parking.

It is immoral to cause peoples time to go down the drain and especially when it can be avoided. It is also in the deep roots of the society to show consideration for others before any action we take, but it seems like we forget that, may be due keen focus on academic work. We seem sometimes to have a deep concern for ourselves, but I think we should step higher to consider the welfare of fellow students, the staff members of the community living around us. We can avoid causing them inconveniences through identifying means that ensure we only use the institution's parking areas, and we do not encroach on streets or the community parking areas and open grounds.

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We can state casually that we need a new, bigger and better parking area, but that may happen after  we are out of this institution, others could be thinking that a solution to anything will always come from above, but I beg to differ in that opinion. Lets look at it from the direction that some of us come from the same neighborhood. We also sit together in these lecture rooms, so we can do something else together; we can travel to and from this institution together by pooling cars. This can go along the way in freeing large parking area and this could ease congestion in the parking areas.

Statistics show that we can effectively ease the congestion in the parking area by between 15-30%. This is, in addition to the number of, vehicles we can free for other uses. Effective parking of vehicles to fit in the allotted space can also go along the way in releasing more space for other vehicles to park than it is. In addition, some of us can make arrangements so that we can be dropped and be picked from this institution. In this case, vehicles will not be left in the parking but will be elsewhere. Some of us can not understand why we should be here, and those vehicles are elsewhere, but this is my point. People's presence here is the most important; we only use vehicles to get to this place and back to our places and not other reasons.

Lastly, it would be unethical and shameful for the members of this institution, which is considered as the epitome of academic refinement and enlightenment to indicate otherwise. By following the easy steps, I talked about how we can utilize the parking area effectively. In such case, we would not exert undue pressure to the streets as well as the community open areas by parking in them. More over, the people visiting as would not have problems accessing the parking due to blocked access roads that are sometimes blocked through poor parking habits.

Finally, we would reap the maximum benefits if we took initiatives to ensure that we embrace the most ethically appealing parking habits. This would only happen if all of as took it upon ourselves, to consider other people while parking vehicles. We can save much time that people waste in the parking area every day, and this is extremely crucial for us as academicians (Wood).

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