Communities would still be opposing change including cars, planes, paved roads, electricity, interracial marriages, heliocentricity belief, civil rights, and many other countless positive things coming about in the new century, can you imagine a world without changes? It would be boring and archaic to think that we can do without changes. When accepting the changes no one knew how bad or positive they would be, it was a gamble and ultimately (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). The traditions are whiling away as irrelevant in these fields. Why then do we find it difficult to legalize gay marriages? They are a part of changes in life situations meaning that, change always brings in some new form of life acceptable to whoever wishes to adopt them (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003).

Legalizing gay marriages does not mean that everyone will become gay. Traditions only dictate that norms are to guide the society but what they do not mention is that individuals have different perceptions. Not everyone has a taste of gay marriages, in fact, basing on the statistics in United States; gay couples are not even 100 in 1 person in the country (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). The number is small and people who have interest in the same are few. Legalizing the practice is just a confirmation that the practicing couples do their thing publicly and comfortably without fear. This does not change anything or anyone meaning that it is harmless to legalize gay marriages (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009).

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Procreation is a common argument that goes against gay marriages. There have been many activists claiming that gay marriages would deny people from procreating (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). Many cultures and religions hold on to the fact that producing children is a role of human being. For instance for Christians, they believe that a vine that does not produce is worthless and should be cut. On the same note, cultures stand ground that anyone of age should procreate and this is a mandatory role (David, 2004; Mark, 2007; Time, 2003). Therefore, they use this argument to justify the illegality of gay marriages (ACLU, 1998; Darren, 2006; Jonathan, 2004; Scott, 2009). However, have you ever thought of what happens to people who cannot procreate not because they are gay but because of the physical challenges? There are people even some of the couples who cannot procreate because one of the partners is barren. What happens to such a couple? Should they be doomed by the archaic cultures also segregated from the society?

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