Generally, Germans like travelling. However, Germans generally travel for leisure. This can be derived from the fact that despite the economic crises experienced, Germans ‘spending on leisure travels did not change much. The figures show that old people and singles travel more than the rest of the population. Families seem to travel least in Germany. In the year 2008, 13.4 million German households went for vacation. This represented 38 percent of all German households. In total, these households went for 43.9 million tours. An amount of 22.1 million Euros was used.

Statistics of Leisure Travel among German Households

The figures represented a 1.5 percent growth from the previous year’s figures. This means that leisure travel in Germany is on the rise thus presenting a suitable market for our company. Generally, Germans like travelling abroad for their vacations. In the same year, a total of 19.8 million journeys were made to foreign countries. Most of the travelers visited western countries like Swiss and France. However there was an increase of German tourists to African countries. In fact, Germans ’taste for African countries is said to be on the rise. Mainly, Germans travel abroad for min breaks of 2-4 days though singles and the old travel for more days (, 2008).

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The analysis above means that our company’s decision to set up a travel agency in Germany is not misplaced. Egypt on the other hand has a lot to offer as far as Egypt is concerned. Traditionally, the pyramids have acted as a great source of tourist attraction to our country. Our Mediterranean beach vacation destination also serves as a major tourist attraction site. Furthermore, the government has of late geared its effort towards developing sports tourism. This will also add value to our campaign for tourists.

The Most Common Types of Market Segmentation Include

The most common types of market segmentation:

  • demographic segmentation;
  • psychographic segmentation;
  • behavioral segmentation.
  • geographic segmentation.

Demographic segmentation is segmentation based on measurable data such as age among others. This seems to be the best method to segment our German market. As stated earlier, singles and the old travel most in Germany. Therefore, our market will generally focus on the singles. This is because the group is easier to reach and approach compared to the old. They also form the majority of the population. Thus by choosing them as our market, we can be assured of winning most of them. This is so especially because majority of the singles are the youths who like adventuring (, 2009).

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