Not so many people realize there is a place for art in their everyday life. Some of them at least seldom attend museums and exhibitions recognizing the most famous works. Others tend to exploit a more convenient way to familiarize with the art – by watching cultural TV programs. No matter how strange and awkward it may appear, modern marketing has played a tremendous role in popularization of many art works starting from music to sculptures and paintings that have now become a well-recognized images engaged in advertisements. However, art is not purely a set of prominent paintings, sculptures or musical masterpieces with loud names behind them. Art, to my strong belief, is in the eye of the beholder and in the hands of the creator.

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I love to see art in the nature – how it plays with the color to create a truly amazing impression. Think of a crimson maple leave with a slight yellow ochre touch incumbent on a juicy green grass in soft October sun. It may inspire you to compose music or a poem, take an outstanding picture of it or draw it. Or it may simply be enchased in your memory until severe winter cold forces you to recall this image.

Colors should be present in all variety of the spectrum in people’s lives. Exploiting color accents in the manner of dressing may enhance stamina. However, each color needs to be treated and used thoughtfully – every shade has a different meaning for human perception. Sometimes, it is interesting for me to watch how my feelings are affected by alteration of my color surrounding – in the room, in the outfit, etc. I am strongly confident, that smart and ingenious application of color in everyday life can be a real art.

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