Marketing is very vital for any valuable action, either for tangible or intangible products, it is as important as marketing any consumer goods and services. According to Brenda, (2006), the music industry today is a vast and dynamic field comprising of artistical and musical talents. Therefore to achieve maximum benefits and returns, marketing is quite important. This is shall be through reaching, connecting and sharing craft with massive numbers of fans. Thus several goals and objectives can be incorporated in this sector that will enhance the artists and the musicians in this industry.

Firstly among the musicians and artist, they should see their music or art as a sellable product in the market and drop the ties to ego they have, and be ready to unveil enticingly to the audience their talents as they would expect from them. This can be experience in many scenarios such as stage performances on events, campaigns rallies, workshops, parties’ e.t.c

As a marketing strategy, musicians and artists should establishing websites which they will use to place their craft and works. The website should comprise of an attractive homepage showing incidences, happenings, updates, news and photos that are really captivating and catching to ones fans. Such composition in a page brings out a musicians emotions and feeling to the fans in an appealing manner. In such a website the artists’ creations, pictures and other products should be well stated and located so as to easily get access to them by the followers of the site e.g. by downloading, purchasing e.t.c this greatly markets the artists and the musicians. Increasing traffic in ones website, use of E news letter campaigns can be an effective way of reaching huge numbers of audiences fans, clients and customers through creating new and relevant content.

Artist and musicians are expected to take control in releasing and presenting their talents to their audiences, that is in a selfish manner of not giving away too much at a go in order to live them longing for more and more David (2003). Instead on such a scenario, if its music much should get encoded in compact discs and let them try to sell as much as possible when performing.

Information exchange and sharing is another marketing tool for artists and musicians, they should collaborate with other people in this industry such as local art or music groups and seek their ideas, suggestions and views,. In addition they should also come up with publishing ideas such as of local magazines, e.g. to show incoming events and news and sending them to all periodicals in their field, this therefore increases their public exposure and earning them advantage over other artists.

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In the artistic and musical field networking is quite important. Here one gets to know fellow colleagues in the industry, as in one way or the other they may impact either directly or indirectly with one. This can also be improved by use of internet e.g. through social network sites such as facebook, tweeter, LinkedIn, MySpace e.t.c. In addition as a strategy for self marketing get in touch with various venues of your field who can offer you opportunities to reach your fans such as local clubs, galleries etc

Musicians and artists should use advertisement in marketing their works, this helps them to discover more markets and it can done through consumer print advertisement, coop advertising, web banners adverts etc. The advertisement can be of incoming live shows in various parts, and this enables oneself to stay on top of fundamentals as chances of increasing sales an also markets get boosted.  

Development of a marketing plan that is consistence, encompassing and comprehensive is quite crucial for the artists and musicians. According to Michael (1996), invested efforts require effective marketing through planning and developing focused strategies aimed at grasping whatever opportunity that comes along. Marketing plan just like a business plan is an annual documentation showing activities, goals, targets, the way forward e.t.c that the artists and musicians are intending to undertake. This reduces time and money wastage in pursuing inappropriate marketing strategies in the industry.

As a musician or an artist it is important to be equipped in the market in order to outshine in the competition, and this can only be through understanding strengths and weaknesses that exists in oneself and amongst other competitors Chris, (1994). This therefore allows a room for improvement and development of unique and distinct skills and features that are more compelling and likable to the crowd/ customers.


Artistical and musical industry just like any other business is subject to challenges especially marketing challenges, thus leading to quick and easy discouragements in the sector. However this should be not the case among the ambitious and visionary artists and musicians. They should be aware that it takes some time to build and win reputation from the fans. In addition they need to focus on long term goals in the industry that will contribute to personal growth. Creativity and innovation are critical requirements in this sector. Finally for progress and prosperity in this sector marketing is quite a critical tool and should be closely monitored, analyzed and practiced by the artists and musicians in all levels i.e. from the relationship with fans/ customers, appearance, quality of print materials and work packages.

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