There is no other artistic work that comes to my mind at the mention of visual arts than the marvelous sculptures of Ancient Egypt. The extraordinary connection between the work pieces and spirituality further spurs the desire to know more about these masterpieces. The stunning architectural design best describes a land whose history dates back to beyond 2000 BC located in the Northern Africa along river Nile. The sculptures were carefully shaped out from soft stones and wood which depicts the epitome of talent that existed in ancient Egypt. It is also important to note that it was not any other tree that was fit for use by the skilled sculptors. They picked their raw materials from sacred trees growing along river Nile. Other materials used in the development of what later turned out to be a landmark of world history are red graphite, ballast, diorite, copper and even mud from the Nile.

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The Egyptian Art leaves me wondering at how they were able to attain precise geometric accuracy even with the absence of current measurement tools. Whatever stood out in the ancient times of pyramids is still considered elegant several years after. The way in which artist understood the human feelings that traverses the ages still puzzles me. It is always expected that fashion changes rapidly and whatever is admirable this year may not be in the following year. On contrary, the super talent portrayed in Egyptian sculptures has stood the test of time.

I want you to imagine walking to the river bank to collect clay and in no time an adorable work piece is developed from the mud. Isn't it an extraordinary ability to carefully attain symmetry without the help of any instrument? It may sound impossible but the impeccable artwork generated by the Egyptians is evident in large statutes which carried a divine role. They were made large enough so that when a spectator stands in front of it he or she would really feel inferior. In my opinion it must have been such characteristic that made several curving in the ancient Egypt to be spiritual beings.

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