"Respected Chair Person, Members of the house, and my worthy opponents, a very good morning to you all. Today, I am here to speak a few words for the topic Art and Literature have no place in the Modern World, and I mean No place in the modern world.

To roll the curtains down, allow me to begin by urging my opponents to cross the floor before I present my case. Perhaps I should not jump the gun in making conclusions on their behalf. I, therefore, beg to take them in seeing sense in a slow, simple and a systematic way.

To begin with, art as we all know entails a range of human activities that influence ones intellect, senses and emotions. They include music, photography, literature, sculpture, and paintings, which vary, according to generations. I will agree with that this centered on peoples' lives in the past, but experienced a complete turn during the romantic period. During this period, art lost its touch and religion and science sufficed and took its place since they also stimulated thoughts and emotions.

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Secondly, today's world is characterized by science and technology. This discipline has entirely dominated all spheres of life leaving little room for art and literature. All those who are here will attest to the fact that the world populace is becoming techno savvy and, therefore, finds little time if no time at all to appreciating art and literature. A painting like Monalisas', for instance, is no longer perceived as it used to in the past. Ask me why? It is because peoples' attention has switched to technology and science.

My fellow colleagues, I would have wished to soldier but let me draw the curtains because I would not like my opponents to regret more the position they had taken earlier. Nevertheless, there is still time and room to cross over. Thank you".

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