Architecture affects all of the senses; includes us and frames what we do.  Music, poetry, animation, theater, literature, film, sculpture, painting and photography are architectural components. Architecture affects a wide range of senses concurrently: seeing, hearing, smell, heat and cold (through skin). The esoteric senses it affects are things like equilibrium, positions and movement in our joints and muscles. Poetry words bear an additional role of triggering verbal meanings (Arntzen, Etta, and Robert, 1999). Sense of place for instance is vital in the layout of an hospital as it gives patients a sense of location without making them feel lost and thus their levels of stress is brought down. Patients experience a speedy recovery process. Architectural work (film), can take us on a journey that will influence our mood in different ways: at one point it will fill us with anxiety, at times our safety is at risk, at times it rewards us with comfort, rest, tests in puzzle form, astonishments, and boredom.

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As we move, the places we experience takes us from one emotion state to another. Like music and poetry, architecture affects, engages, entertains, and challenges; through our mood, it changes how we relate to each other and the world. Fluid experience in architecture is all about sustaining and manipulating which invites, rejects, repels, and reassures us. Images of animation reveal tremendous precariousness through time which tests the limits that space ability can abide despite the radical changes. Dance component of architecture defines properties and creates space. It is a motion that has spatial and temporal aspects. Space in this case changes from being imaginary to external (Mace, 1986).

Physiologists and psychologists have used certain norms like lighting, temperature, and noise to conclude the effects of architecture on humans. Most of us will be satisfied at certain levels, comfortable at others, delighted at others and vice versa. The verbal measure of people with regard to cities, individual buildings or rooms is different. For buildings, people use degree of originality, physical appearance, and social status estimation to measure its scales.

Architecture is everywhere and many compete for recognition in their cities by using modern designs. For example, use of color in hospital buildings has given patients a sense of orientation. Using the right colors in waiting areas, examination rooms or private rooms motivates the patient and expects to be accorded quality services (Wolfgang, 1997).

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