Daniel H. Pink is an American writer. He is the writer of four books purposeful on the shifting world of work: New York Times best-seller A Whole New Mind: why right brainers will rule the future. Pink's pieces of writing on business and technology have been published in The New York Times, Harvard Business Review, Fast Company and Wired. In addition, Pink addresses meetings and seminars in "corporations, associations, universities, and education conferences about such topics as the shift from the Information age-with its premium on logical, linear, computer-like abilities, qualities like empathy, inventiveness, and meaning predominate" (Leftlane Designs, 2). Pink was previously employed as Vice President Al Gore's chief speechwriter from 1995-97 and prior to that he worked as an aide to Secretary of Labour Robert Reich.

In his book, Daniel illustrates a seismic shift that is previously in progress in much of the modern world. We are quickly shifting from an economy and society built on the rational, linear, computer-like competence of the Information Age to one based on the ingenious, empathic, big-picture competence of what's intensifying in its place: the Conceptual Age (3-5).

The preceding few decades have belong to a definite category of people with a certain kind of intellect- from computer programmers who could eccentric out secret code,  to lawyers who could craft agreement. The solutions to the kingdom are shifting hands. The outlook belongs to a very dissimilar kind of person with a very diverse sort of mind. Three all the time more powerful trends are impelling us toward this new age. According to Pink this are outlined as: Abundance: Material profusion has freed millions of people from the great effort for meagre endurance, and is as an alternative to deepening our craving for less realistic, immaterial susceptibility-magnificence, spirituality and sentiments (7).

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For businesses, it's not anymore adequate to produce merchandise that's realistically priced and satisfactorily functional. It has to also be aesthetically attractive, exceptional, and consequential. Asia: as Globalization is assuming a new form, as new and more companies dispatch white-collar jobs overseas, "Engineering, computer programming and even accounting are being done by twenty-five year-old Indians" and presently as well and for the earnings of a Starbucks employee. Automation: dominant technologies are eradicating certain kinds of job all in all and demonstrating that they can swap human left brains. Software is a "forklift for the mind." despite the fact that it may not do away with every left-brain job, it will wipe out many and restructure the rest.

Appreciation to these three factors, in the midst of others, we are inward bound to a new age. It is an age vivacious by a diverse form of thinking and an innovative advance to life-one that rewards propensity that Daniel calls "high concept" and "high touch." High concept entails the capability to perceive patterns and opportunities, to generate artistic and poignant splendour, to craft a pleasing account, and to combine apparently unconnected ideas into something new. On the other hand High touch, involves the aptitude to have compassion with others, to recognize the intricacy of human relations, to find happiness in one's self and to bring forth it in others, and to broaden beyond the humdrum in quest of rationale and significance (9-11).

This book recognizes six indispensable aptitudes on which proficient success and individual satisfaction increasingly will depend: these are design, story, symphony, play, empathy and meaning.

In my view, this paperback is a must-read for any person in the inventive industry, no matter what occupation. Furthermore, the realistic strategies, paradigms and yet hands-on exercises established at the last part of each chapter are a precious resource for any business owner who desires to flourish and accomplish something in the rapidly - close to Conceptual Age.

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