A question most young girls should ask themselves is how it would feel like if they get pregnant at age fifteen and they decide to keep their baby. Many young women have suffered the consequences of early pregnancies in life when they are faced with the difficulties in bringing up a child. “I want to keep my baby” by Joanna Lee is a perfect book for such questions as it clearly expresses what it feels like to be a mother at such a tender age. The author did a great job in bringing out exactly how a young mother feels about the difficulties in raising a child by their own. Through well developed chapters and scenes, the book is made up of well generated emotional scenes and the reader is exposed to the exact feelings that the character is going through in the story.  

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The book is about a story of a girl who becomes pregnant at a young age. The girl believes that life is going to be just normal and everything is going to be perfect, not knowing the task that she had brought upon herself. After being convinced by her mother to keep the child, she goes on and plans to get married to the father of her child and believes life would be smooth and that they would live happily ever after. However, to her astonishment, life takes another twist as the child is born. She realizes that she was very wrong as what she thought life would be was just an illusion. Life is full of difficulties especially as a young mother. The task of bringing up a child requires sound emotional and financial stability both of which were not evident in the girl as she becomes unable to care for the child. This becomes clear to her as she takes an insolent attitude and insists upon striving to be a single parent. The ending of the story is beautiful yet surprising.

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