The author in this book, critics the media and their role in advertising unhealthy commodities to their audience.  He shows how the media hypes commodities that might be unsafe and unhealthy to humans. This paper focuses on the chapter lady versus cake. In this chapter, the author shows how people are obsessed with junk food.  He talks about the cake and a lady lawyer. The setting of the chapter is in a court room where the cake is depicted as a witness in the witness box.

The cake poses in a seductive posture; that many people would find it difficult to resist. The writer further describes the cake as exotically frosted, moist, and rich and luscious to the eyes, this is desirable. Characteristics of the lawyer match those of the cake. The writer gives the lawyer these traits depicting her as a model. The writer shows the reader how she comes pacing into the court room and compares her to the television lawyers. The lawyer can be assumed symbolize the rich and powerful in the society.

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According to the writer, many people admire the cake. In this chapter, some ladies are over heard saying that they would like to be identified with the cake, also expressing their desire to bake the cake. The media, for a long time, has given people hyped information about commodities only to find out the goods advertised are poor in standard. Femininity has also been considerably used, and at the same time abused. Many adverts in the world today include the theme of nudity, hence neglecting social ethics.

The writer continues to mock the consumers’ culture of unhealthy living. Rather than being imitative, this chapter is a genuine briefing on postmodernism, and it is met with fictional honor to everybody. The dreadful aspect in the chapter, obviously, is the inevitable, soul-deadening media mechanism that encourages the event, and twists domestic life into an animated film.

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