On the Horns of Dilemma

Moral decision-making is one of the most significant factors that are needed in both children and adults. Due to this fact, many people including artists, musicians, authors and many others have come up with songs, TV programs, books, among many other programs that teach moral decision-making with Lawrence Kohlberg being critical to current character building program since they teach unquestionable acceptance.

On the Horns of Dilemma, a book by Edwin Nyanje, is therefore one the program that teaches children about moral decision-making. In this program, Jane and Rita are twin sisters born of a very wealth merchant (Tyner, 1998). They grew together, playing, eating and doing all their duties together until when they reached age of attending school. However, when time to join school came, Jane refused to join school saying that there was no need since they had everything which could have pushed them throughout their lives and that they were only heirs of their father. On the other hand, Rita decided to join the school where he took long time studying until he accomplished her studies in university and awarded a degree that saw her securing job opportunity in one of governmental organization.

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Jane continued to feast and enjoy her father's wealth not caring to attend school or do anything. One day, their father borrowed loan in a bank to import goods. While goods were on transit, the lorry transporting them had an accident killing its driver and people looted the goods. Mr. John, Jane and Rita's father, was left with nothing to do bearing in mind that he had a loan to pay. He therefore sold all of his remaining property to pay loan. How sad it was to see Mr. John becoming poor just at once. Things changed suddenly and John had to struggle so as to make the ends meet (Holton, 1996).

Everybody had to struggle so as to survive. For Jane, things were unbearable since he had nothing to do other than relying oh his father who had nothing to do by then while Rita enjoyed life since she had job. It was now evident that bad moral decision that Jane made was now affecting her while Rita enjoyed good moral decision that she made earlier in her life.

This program is however consistent with Kohlberg's thinking since it provides the audience with an objective to think critically and make a moral decision. When viewing this program, a child will be left with an option of making decision that will see him or her prosper in future like Rita or encountering hardship like Jane.

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