B&O Intelligence direct competitors include multinational electronics corporations which includes the LG Corporation, Sony Corporation as well as Panasonic Electronics Corporation. The company’s indirect competitors include various online service and software corporations as well as some consumer electronic corporations which deal in smart phones, various PC tablets and other telecommunication devices. The indirect competitors in the market include the Apple Company, Motorola, Google, Microsoft and the High Tech Computer Corporation (HTC).                                                                                                                       

Points of Parity

For B&O Intelligence and its competitors, the points of parity include the presence of a simple UI which enables clients to navigate easily which is aided by quality and durable hardware. The market players also offer full high definition television which have either OLED or LED displays. The devices also offer connectivity compatibility in terms of connection with HDMI, USB as well as wireless connectivity. Additionally, the companies offer reliable after-sale services to their consumers through warranties for various periods of time.

The major points of parity include quality hardware which incorporates connectivity compatibility, a simple UI as well as full High Definition television with superior display characteristics. Another major point of parity includes reliable and extensive after-sale service to customers which attracts them to the devises. Therefore, the major points of parity are quality hardware and reliable after-sale service. Quality hardware highlights the consumer requirements of superior quality which comes with other more characteristics in the company’s product portfolio such as compatibility connectivity. Reliable and extensive after-sale service ensures that the consumers keep coming back and that they have guarantees on their products should they malfunction.  

Points of Difference

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On the other hand, the points of differentiation between B&O Intelligence are its positioning in the high-priced market segment which has afforded it to create a niche market for its products. Additionally, the company has manufactured its products with a remarkably intuitive design which appeals to that market segment. The company has also managed to become an elite status symbol where its products are synchronized with the B&O Intelligence signature sound and an added offering of an intelligent TV which enables full interaction with users.

The principle points of differences include the creation of a high-priced niche market for the company’s products and offers of superior quality and innovative product. Therefore, the major points of differentiation are the acquisition of the high-priced market segment and innovative and quality products. Quality and innovativeness of products is highlighted by the provision of intuitive product design, synchronization with the B&O Intelligence signature sound as well as a user-interactive intelligent TV. The company scores well on the venture into the high-priced market segment which allows it to have a competitive edge against its competitors which is augmented by its creation of product brand into an elite status symbol.


Brand positioning-Power point presentation (Points of Parity)

The graph on point of parity shows B&O Intelligence is in league with its competitors and also offering its best products. The indirect competitors, that is, H.T.C. Corporation and Motorola are shown to offer generic after-sale service but reliable and extensive after-sale customer service. Overall, the graph shows that if B&O intelligence can hold its position, it will dominate the market considering its points of differentiation.

Brand positioning-Power point presentation (Points of Difference)

The graph on point of differences shows B&O Intelligence is best placed in the high-priced income market by offering its best products which have earned it a brand following as an elite status symbol. By being more innovative B&O Intelligence will ensure that competitors stay in the saturated middle-income average-priced market segment. All the indirect competitors can be seen to be offering less resistance to B&O Intelligence dominance and hence no considerable competitor threat.

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