An aircraft is a controllable machine that is manmade and can fly in the air (Dos, 2012). The aircraft can carry a large number of people. On the other hand, a business aircraft is smaller, and its exploitation is private – for business only. There are different types of aircrafts, which have different capacity and speed.

Helicopters can go to a remote area where other plane cannot. The aircraft does not need large landing area; just a small space is enough (Tucker, 2011), and it is efficient for soldiers. Its cost ranges between $5- 50 million. Twin piston is also economical in that it does not consume a lot, it carries 3 – 8 people. This aircraft is useful for the businesspersons who have several businesses that need there supervision. This aircraft is not too expensive, it ranges from $2- 6 million. Turboprops are just like twin piston only larger and can carry more cargo, the cost ranges from $5- 15 million. For musicians and politicians, Executive jets are more efficient (Street 2010).

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Boeing Company was founded in 1916, from then till now the company has improved its aircraft creation significantly. The plane was used a lot during the World War II, when aircraft invention was young. The planes that were made during this era were mainly used in the war. After the war, the company lost its purpose, since the demand of planes was low. With the purpose of making the plane sufficient, Boeing Company started making four engine jets. This was an enormous upgrade from three-engine jets and twin-engine jets.

There exist different brands of Boeing Company; one of the company’s latest creations is a four-engine jet, Boeing 747 . This jet can accommodate from 50 passengers to 1000 at the most. The jet is among the largest jets in the world. Boeing 747 has a strong body and structure; this is evident with the capacity it can handle. With twelve washrooms, six galleys and more than 178,000 liters of fuel, the aircraft can accommodate enough to travel over 10,475 kilometers. What makes the plane more efficient and preferable is the speed it flies since it has for engines. The plane due to the pressure it handles can need a large runway to land.

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